Spiral Coaching

Have you been seeking your best self?

Do you want to make a change in your consciousness, how you show up, how you feel, your behaviours, and the impact you have on the world?


If you are interested in embodied transformational change, you’re in the right place.

The SPIRAL is a profound change journey that systematically clears out mental, emotional baggage that is held unconsciously in the body & energy field, allowing you to be filled up with your power, conviction and authentic self.


What is it?

Spiral coaching synthesises these ancient & modern wisdom systems into one powerful method of change:

  • The Chakra System from Ayurveda,
  • Spiral Dynamics tracking the evolution of values & beliefs,
  • David Hawkin’s Levels of Consciousness
  • Yin/Yang & 5 Elements Theory from TCM
  • Muscle Testing & Meridian Clearing from Kinesiology
  • NLP & Gestalt Therapy

Spiral is not a traditional Kinesiology session but uses kinesiology-based muscle testing to access your belief systems in your Unconscious and uses these other maps as a pathway for clearing interferences in your somatic body.

In the Spiral Coaching Process we systematically clear out core beliefs and emotional patterning in each chakra centre. As you go through life and experience challenges, significant events and traumas, your relationship with these emotions becomes clouded by other events, which can create a repeating pattern and a block in that energy centre.

As we go through this process step by step we can find and eliminate hidden issues that you might never think to bring into a coaching session, but can be affecting you deeply at an unconscious level, pulling the strings of your reactive behaviours, sabotage, triggers & “accidents” without you realising.


How does it work?

This is a structured journey of 10 x 1:1 sessions.

We begin the process with a Manifestation outcome session to get clear on your outcome for the entire process, what you want to experience differently in how you show up in the world, your behaviours, and the results you experience.

Then we move into 7 weekly sessions of system clean up! Think of it like a complete Software upgrade for your mind-body. Each Level corresponds to a chakra and also a level in Spiral Dynamics, and has an energetic, physical, and values system component activation. I’ve listed the core emotions that we work through as we rise up the spiral from the base of your spine at Chakra/ Level 1 to the Crown and your embodiment of your Higher Self and Spirit.

Level 1: Deserving – Shame, Guilt, Dogma

Level 2: Creativity – Fear, Grief, Paralysed Will

Level 3: Power – Pride, Anger, Desire

Level 4: Openness – Reason, Acceptance, Love

Level 5: Expression – Anxiety, Confidence, Low Self-Esteem

Level 6: Vision – Truth, Trust, Receptivity

Level 7: Purpose – Peace, Joy, Enlightenment, Purpose.

Once we have gone through this hugely enlightening clean-up process then we spend 2 more sessions to address any other specific issues and ensure that the change is integrating well, and call in specific outcomes into your life when you have increased power, vision and clarity.

After you have gone through this process, then you are also eligible to apply for ongoing Unlimited Monthly Coaching if you wish to retain my support and coaching in your ongoing growth and integration.


What happens in a session?

We will get together on a zoom call online, I will ask for your permission to connect energetically, and muscle test on your behalf.  I will ask you to say certain statements to test whether your system supports them as “truth” or not. Please be aware, it’s about checking for your subjective truth and power, not divining the future.

This process creates change not just through visualisation or talk therapy, but energetically through the meridian system, so I will guide you to give a light self-massage to specific areas of your body in relation to the issues/organs/meridians that come up. I may invite you to shake, dance, stretch, yawn, yell, and hold space when tears fall. All emotions are ok. Allowing the emotions to gently move through the body with movement is a key part of the process of unlocking them and letting them go. I may occasionally offer guidance in the form of reframes, to think about certain things in a new way as you are integrating the changes.  This may feel like we’re just having a chat, and that is the art-form of coaching. You can be assured that every word I say or ask in a session is powerfully intentional with your highest good in mind.

I have found this method to be very powerful, very fast and effective.

Much more so than my previous talk-based coaching methods alone.

And with my extensive 15 years experience in coaching and training NLP, Matrix Therapies, Meta-Coaching, Auric Clearing, & DNA Activation, I can and will incorporate any part of my expertise that you need in a session to support you to break-through what is showing up as a blockage to your true self and ideal results.

Spiral is a clear guided and deeply connected process, who you go on the journey with will have a specific energy transmission for you. Ideally you will find a practitioner who embodies some trait or result that you admire or would like to call into your life in your own way.


A word of caution.

Be aware that this is a deeply transformational process.

That means things will change.

As people go through this process they do sometimes notice that in the time between the sessions emotions and situations will arise that calls you to embody the changes that we are initiating through the process.

You will likely set new boundaries. Say no to certain things. Feel some uncomfortable emotions. Let go of things that are not longer serving you. Start new things that you desire to do. This all sounds good on paper, but in practice it can be emotional and sometimes scary. That’s part of it and it’s ok. I will be here to support you through the process.

Just know that you’re signing up for transformation. It’s not always rainbows. Sometimes a hurricane comes first. But you can know that anything that transforms as a result of this work is for your best and highest good.


If you want to dip your toe in…

If you’d like more of an experience of working with me before deciding to commit to the full process, we can do an initial Manifestation session for $500, and take it from there.

In the initial Manifestation Session we move one specific outcome through each level of the Spiral to check  and clear any blocks to manifesting that particular behaviour, identity or outcome. It’s a super powerful one-off session that can give you a taste of the process and also create big changes by itself.

Session times & investment.

Please note that my session times are available on Monday, Tuesday, Friday between 9.30-2pm or occasionally 7.30pm at night. I do get booked up quickly, so let me know if you want to go ahead so I can check my availability.

Spiral Coaching with Kylie includes 10 x 1:1 sessions of 60 mins online course material from Kylie’s courses as you may need, and 10 hypnosis meditation audios.

Spiral Coaching Program $5000 (inc gst).

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Manifestation Breakthrough Single Session $550 (inc gst).

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Personally, I’d like to add that learning Spiral has been profoundly transformational for me. It has allowed me to finally heal some identity conflicts and deeply unconscious wounding that I have been working on for over 15 years with other methods and having only partial success.

I now feel more fully myself, more brave, more courageous in my vulnerability, more truthful and powerful in my self-expression than I ever have. I have a profound conviction in the power of this work. It is Spiritual Contract work, and working with me is an invitation to call your Soul back into your body and get moving on your Higher Calling.

If you’d like to come on the journey with me, I’d be honoured to guide you.

with love,