Start your achievements list today!

Start your achievements list today!

Yes, yes, it’s VERY important to set goals, intentions and priorities for the year ahead. AND it’s also important to create a method to track, acknowledge and celebrate your successes.

My suggestion to you on day 1 of 2013, is to begin an achievements and successes list. You could do it in an online document, a diary, or just list them all out in a beautiful book you keep in a special place and check in with every day.

So often when we are focused on goals and moving forward to goal achievement, we can forget to celebrate the achievements along the way! When you achieve a goal that you’ve worked really hard for and then don’t even acknowledge it, it will sap away your motivation and drive to achieve your next goals. Why bother working hard when you don’t even get to enjoy the sweet reward at the end!

I remember doing this so clearly when I was writing and singing dance music songs a few years ago and dreamed of the day I could get a song on Ministry of Sound. I thought the day would never come, and dreamed about this goal for a couple of years, and then when it did on the Ministry of Sound / Hed Kandi Beach House Sessions in 2009 I didn’t really celebrate it at all. I just kind of moved on, it wasn’t until about a year later that I remembered that that was a huge goal I had set for myself that I had achieved and never celebrated.


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It’s easy to discount and ignore the small and big wins, and to play down your achievements in public; tall poppy syndrome and all that. I say “bah” to that!  Share your achievements, allow your wins to inspire and motivate others. I guarantee you’ll be surprised when you write down what you’ve achieved just how much you have done. I certainly was when I wrote my year in review achievements list last night. It’s amazing how those successes can stack up over a year.

So, begin an achievements list today and celebrate your big and small achievements. You don’t have to shout it from the rooftops, just give yourself permission to stop,reflect and celebrate your growth, contribution and success. It feels really good and is super motivating.

Do it. Do it. Do it!  And if you’re game, feel free to share your achievements review of 2012 in the comments below! Go on I dare you… x


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