Stay Motivated and never miss another workout with these 5 Excellent Exercise Tips

Stay Motivated and never miss another workout with these 5 Excellent Exercise Tips

When it comes to working out for fitness or for losing that holiday flab, the hardest thing to do is get a consistent exercise regimen going.

A lot of people have complained that they get started with fitness and keep at it for a few days or sometimes weeks even. Then they hit a wall and just can’t get themselves to go anymore.

If you have felt the same way, then you are definitely not alone! Lack of fitness motivation is one of the biggest factors working against the average person. In this day and age amidst hectic work schedules, it is pretty difficult to find it within yourself to make some room for your fitness goals. You can check out this post from which should give you enough tips to motivate yourself.

Nevertheless, it is pretty important that you get started because chances are pretty high that you are slaving away at a computer at a desk job. What this means is minimal exercise and a sedentary lifestyle, both of which are responsible for health problems in the long run.


Here are a few things that can turn the tide in your favor:

Get a new relationship

A gym relationship. Get someone interested in your fitness plans as well. If you can get your best buddy or your better half, nothing better! This will make sure that there is more than one person to whom you feel responsible sharing your fitness ideals.

You should also be prepared to play the agony aunt or uncle if needed because there are days when your partner might also be feeling under the weather. You need to brush up on your pep talk a bit!

Dressed to fitness

Some days when the weather is really dreary and all I want to do is sleep in, I gather up enough motivation to put on my gym attire. Then I wait. 80% of the time, I just follow through with shoes and head out the door. This is a hack that was suggested to me by my friend and I find that this works out really well for people who are finding it difficult to get that initial burst of momentum.

Eat right

Food plays a huge part in getting your brain ready to leap out of bed and dive into the gym. If you are finding yourself tired and lackluster before your morning fitness routine, then, funnily enough, you might be lacking in iron!

Iron is an essential mineral that helps convert food into energy and is responsible for keeping your energy levels high. A lot of people think diet is eating less food, when in reality it’s eating more of what is good for your system and cutting out the rest.

W(h)et your system

Another factor that not a lot of people tell you, or realize is the fact that the body is composed mostly of water and that fluidic equilibrium is critical for optimal functioning. What you need to do is make sure you down sufficient quantities of water in a day for your body type. This keeps your energy levels high and enables you to make right and effective decisions when it comes to your fitness regimen.

Bored? Change it up!

Don’t like yoga? Do resistance training! Don’t like pushing weights around? Try calisthenics! There are an innumerable number of different disciplines that are all effective at giving your body the workout that it needs. Don’t confine yourself to just one routine or get into something that you do not like. When you pick a program that you like, you will automagically make more time for it.



Fitness is an important part of everyone’s daily routine and it’s even truer today because we are hardly required to exert ourselves physically through the average day. It is true that most of us have to work for a living, but using that as a crutch to handicap your fitness goals seems hardly the right solution.

The solution is to not treat fitness as a chore at all, rather something that you enjoy and is needed to get a complete and balanced lifestyle. These are few things that have worked for me. I’m always open to hearing more from you, so please go ahead and share some of your thoughts in the comments right below!

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