Still not “LOSING WEIGHT” Reality Check

Still not “LOSING WEIGHT” Reality Check

Alright my ladies, it’s time to get real… some of you have mentioned that you have been at this for a while and have not lost any weight yet.

OK, so there’s many things that could be going on…

1. You’re obsessing over the scales and it’s stressing you out and causing you to go down the “fuck it, its not working” binge cycle, giving you a big empty calorie hit of yuckies that keeps you stuck.

2. Your body IS changing and you’re not acknowledging all the other awesome changes that are happening, sleeping better, energy levels, general mood, happiness, clothes fitting better etc, so you’re not consistent in your efforts.

3. You’re doing only the inner mental and emotional work expecting that it will just “fall off you” without any actual behavioural changes. You can’t still choose to eat crap food and expect that the emotional changes alone will get you there… However, if you’re still choosing to eat crap food regularly, there is more mental and emotional work to do.

4. You’re being too dogmatic about believing that you are already “eating healthy” and “exercising” (which you may be), but you’re not listening to the feedback from YOUR body. Even if it is healthy according to the magazines or books or your trainer or nutritionist, if you have been testing healthier lifestyle choices for 6 weeks or more and have not noticed ANY changes, (including the ones above) then you need you reassess what you’re doing, and make some tweaks to your routine…

5. You haven’t done any mental or emotional work and think that you can out-diet your crappy, self-loathing mentality and emotional baggage. You can’t!!!!!! You must work on shifting your weight from every plane of existence. Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, and Physically. If you need help with the spiritually, mentally & emotionally, you need to get into the Body Confidence Project or apply for a Body Breakthrough Consult with us today!


Where to start…

1. Go back to basics, keep a food & activity diary and religiously document EVERYTHING you eat and all exercise for a week. No need to calorie count, just write it all down, or take a photo of it before you eat it. Take your measurements too at the same time each week, no scales!

2. Assess the data that you have from that week and look for the possible weak spots in your routine. Have your measurements changed at all? What seemed to work? Where are you tripping yourself up?

3. Without judgement of yourself or your body, look at the feedback from this data. What could you improve on for the next couple of weeks to test if your body responds better? Stick to this change for 2-3 weeks and measure the response from your body.

4. Consider this like an experiment. What could you add or take away so that your body will respond with fat burning? If you need more ideas and connection with your body, listen to the Body Wisdom Hypnosis Session.


Here’s some ideas to improve your habits:

Beginners Level changes:

  • Walking each day 20 mins plus
  • Drinking 8 glasses of water
  • Eating 6 serves + of veggies per day
  • Reducing processed foods
  • Eliminating junk foods & sodas
  • Taking an omega-3 supplement daily

Intermediate to Advanced level changes:

  • Eliminating processed sugar & limiting fructose
  • Including protein with each meal
  • Eliminating or reducing dairy
  • Eliminating wheat products
  • Eating 8-10 serves of veggies per day
  • 2-3 sessions of 20 mins of HIIT Interval training
  • 1-2 sessions of heavy full body weights at the gym with PT


Some things your body will respond to better than others, forget what everybody else is doing and use your knowledge and wisdom to experiment with your body and find what works for you. Don’t rely dogmatically on others advice. If it is not working for you, it’s not working! Change something!

You are in charge of your mind, your behaviour and your results. Own your responsibility to your body and your body WILL RESPOND to you.

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  1. Awesome blog Kylie! Once I worked through the emotional blockages with you, it was still taking time losing weight, because I wasn't educated on what exercises to do & for how long and how to eat right to burn fat. For a little while there I just thought it would fall off because of the emotional work we did together. Awesome tips. Thanks Kylie 🙂 xx.

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