Stop the Blame Game

Stop the Blame Game

“But, it wasn’t my fault. It was YOUR FAULT!”

It’s so easy to blame others when something goes wrong. Blaming seems to absolve us of all responsibility, it makes us right and them wrong.

Do you know someone that always has an excuse for everything?

It seems like they always have something to whine about or some excuse why they don’t have what they want. They are not very happy people. If you can recognize this trait in yourself, ask yourself: Is this useful? Does it help or hinder my life?

The thing is, in order to get what we want, we have to take responsibility for our actions. Response – ability. The ability to choose a response, this is the gift we have as human beings. We can choose our response and don’t have to get caught up in knee-jerk reactions. The ability to choose a response is power, choosing to blame someone else is choosing to be a victim of their behaviour and gives up your power to them.


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When you can rise above the problem situation and take responsibility for yourself you will find that you have much more power in the situation.

So the next time someone does something that affects you, instead of blaming them, look at the situation through compassionate eyes and ask yourself: how have I contributed to this? When you can see the part you played then the blame disappears and you can asses the situation more truthfully. This then gives you a solid foundation to learn and fix the current problem.

When you can begin to see the world in this way, you will feel a lot less like a victim, and instead acknowledge your own power to effect change in the world.

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