Stressed, anxious and crazy-busy… Aaargh!!

Stressed, anxious and crazy-busy… Aaargh!!

Do you find yourself getting stressed out, anxious, “crazy-busy” and upset that you don’t have the support and resources you need to do what you need to?

When life gets on top of you and you’re struggling to stay afloat, there’s one simple thing you can do that will turn it around completely.



When you’re inside that stressed out state, you’re in the drama cycle. “He said, she said, they did this, I can’t do that, I have to do this”… blah, blah, blah.. This is the story of disempowerment. This is the story of victimhood. This is the story of drama. I don’t mean to minimise the experience that you may have been inside, I just want to bring your attention to a new perspective that will really help you.

Even though it seems like you’re stuck. You’re not. All it takes to shift your whole mindset is a little imagination. You have the ability inside your mind, to rise above all of the drama into the third position, the fly on the wall position.  When you are the fly on the wall, you can step out of your story of drama into the powerful position of observer.


Rise above the drama.

Instead of being a chess piece on the board, or a soldier in a battle, being moved around by some unseen force, you become the powerful force that can see further, strategise and move other pieces around. You become the general making the decisions.

When you find yourself stressed out, simply imagine flying up out of your body and watching yourself and others interact. Notice how your behaviour has been complicit in driving the drama. Notice how you have taken part in it. When you acknowledge your part in it, you acknowledge your power to change the game.


Ground yourself in the now.

Sometimes, if you’ve been really stuck, you might need to physically remove yourself from the situation for a moment to compose yourself and see the drama for what it is. Go outside in the fresh air, take your shoes off, become present to the earth, present to your breath, be inside your body, in this moment, then reflect on the drama inside your mind, as the fly on the wall.

From this perspective you will notice your options suddenly open up. Your horizon is broader and farther. You can see things differently and consequently have different possibilities that you weren’t able to perceive before. It feels different. Enjoy it.


Take action.

Now it’s time to decide how you want to move forward, will you allow yourself to drop back into the drama? Or will you take the higher road and forge a path towards your highest and best possibilities, towards your goals and dreams.

The more you can learn how to do this in your life, the more smoothly your life will run, the more peaceful and joyful you will feel and the less drama you will have to endure.

When you do this, you will notice the vibration and energy of your relationships will shift too, others will have to rise with you, or you will begin to limit their impact and time with you. This is good. The others will either rise, or not. That is their choice and it has no impact on your possibilities and power.

Rise up my dears, there is no place for ongoing chronic drama in an empowered life.


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