SuperCoach Communications Concierge

Great news! My Mind Coach is expanding and we are looking for a talented aspiring or current coach to join our team. This role is hourly part time, with lots of room to grow, and with incentive bonuses for performance.

In this role you will be a key team player moving across many different aspects of the business reporting to the Leadership team. Part EA, Part Social Media Support, Part Sales Person, Part Accountability Coach. This is a perfect opportunity for someone who is just starting out as a coach, keen to learn, and wanting a stable weekly income to cover base expenses while growing your own coaching practice.

This role would best suit someone who is highly organised, with a keen eye for detail, and deep care who is fully committed to their own personal growth and evolution, and values being a part of a Soul-Lead Organisation that is in rapid expansion.

There is lots of scope for this role to grow into further Operations Management, Marketing & Social Media or Success Coaching as the organisation grows depending on your skills and preference. At this stage we are looking for someone to learn how to be across these different aspects of the business and to specialise as the organisation grows.

My dream candidate has these qualities:

  • A keen eye for detail and likes to ensure that the details are taken care of without getting stuck in perfectionism.
  • Loves tech and can easily navigate around drive, dropbox, slack, asana, etc.
  • Loves social media and naturally understands how to nurture relationships through chat, and comment threads.
  • Makes friends easily and can build rapport with anyone.
  • Loves learning and can take great study notes when watching a training masterclass.
  • Handles multiple ongoing projects and KPI’s easily.
  • Can follow big picture outcome based instructions, and figure out the details by watching training videos, without needing a step-by-step guide. (You might be creating the step-by-step guide)
  • Has a stable, positive, uplifting energy.
  • Is easily able to switch gears, and can handle a pivot of direction without getting flustered.
  • Can think and move fast to work on multiple projects over a few hours.
  • Is autonomous and a self-starter, hungry to learn and hungry to sell when you’re connecting with someone who you know is a fit, that we can serve and support.
  • Happy to work remotely from home and manage your own hours to get the job done.
  • Is solution focussed, when you see an issue you fix it, or bring it to a meeting having thought about a potential solution.
  • Can be online usually within Australian daytime 9am-5pm M-F AEST.
  • Has the capacity and willingness to be flexible with hours when we are running events or trainings.
  • Is living in a stable home environment with a good computer and internet connection.

It would be an advantage to have some or all of these skills:

  • Great writing & communication skills.
  • Coaching or NLP.
  • Spiral Practitioner.
  • Sales experience.

Hours & Tasks:

The role is currently part time 2 – 4 hours per day Monday to Friday AEST. Starting with 15 hours per week.

Some of the key tasks include:

  • Checking Kylie’s inbox and replying to emails & enquiries.
  • Watching Masterclasses and past video content to find quotes or draft copy posts for social media content.
  • Organising & scheduling social media content.
  • Replying to chat conversations, building relationships with people interested in joining Academy, qualifying if they are a fit for an Application Call.
  • Being a supportive, encouraging member of the facebook groups, tracking how each client is progressing and providing help where needed.
  • Liasing with Academy Members privately to track their progress.
  • Liaising with the rest of the team to ensure all of the SuperCoach community is being looked after all along the client journey.

Training Perks

As a part of the role you will have the opportunity to join the Academy training as a full member, valued at $900 per month, and certify in NLP. (This training time is not as a part of paid hours but as a skill training bonus and a part of remuneration package, so it would be best if you REALLY want to join Academy and would value it like crazy.)

You will also get access to highly valuable business, marketing and social media training and support groups from other courses and Masterminds as a part of the MMC team to support you in successfully owning your role.

Remuneration Offer

The remuneration will be paid in AUD, between $15 – $40 p/h base rate depending on your skills and experience. Bonuses available for performance and sales. This is a contract role and will need to be invoiced.

Diversity & Inclusion

We recognise that the coaching industry is still mostly a white and male dominated industry. We strongly value being a part of the shift that is creating more equity and diversity within coaching. We welcome applicants from any culture, gender or sexual preference.

Application Details

If you are interested in applying for this role please submit your answers to these questions below and attach your current CV and GK & HD profiles as below by Monday 12th 12pm.

Please note: I will be attentive to who can read and apply these instruction details.

You will need to log into google to submit your application