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Are you ready to finally leave behind fad diets, quick fixes and constant body battles and claim self-love, nourishment and become the weightless woman you know is on the inside?

This is not about getting a flat stomach or a thigh-gap. It’s about becoming the woman you know you are born to be, and leaving behind the physical, mental and emotional baggage that is stopping you from being her, right now!

In this call you will discover:

  • The secret reason you are still craving “treat” foods after a hard day.
  • The hidden saboteurs that are stopping you from achieving your goals, no matter how hard you try.
  • Incredible clarity about what is possible for you when you release the baggage, and how you can do that easily and with a proven method.

You will speak to a My Mind Coach expert coach, who has been trained personally by Kylie to lead you through this call and to help you discover the hidden secrets inside your mind that can help you to become the woman you know you could be, if you could just follow through…

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