Mei Ouw

Executive Coach, Leadership Facilitator, Consultant

Mei has delivered over 7000 hours in coaching and facilitating group processes and has worked across all levels of leadership and primarily focusses on C suite and Executive teams. With a background in psychology Mei has an in depth understanding of human behaviour and works with clients to develop their behavioural flexibility and thinking, allowing them to see new perspectives and therefore create more innovative and effective leadership solutions. Her insightful and direct approach adds a  fresh perspective to situations, making her sought after in the leadership space. Her transformational leadership programs are designed to move people into a space of true adaptive leadership allowing people to thrive in complex and uncertain times. As an Executive Coach her focus is on developmental and action-orientated coaching and she uses a range of cutting edge tools and to increase self- awareness, emotional intelligence and therefore as an outcome business results.



  • Double Bachelors degree in Law and Psychology
  • Accredited in Human Synergistics LSI, DiSC, MSCEIT ( EQ assessment) and The Leadership Circle
  • Qualified Kinesiologist and Spiral Practitioner
  • Accredited NLP Trainer with over 10 years’ experience training NLP to Executives and leaders


Clients Include

NAB, ANZ, Standard and Poor’s, ME Bank, KPMG, EY, Deloitte, Costa, Penguin Random House, Suncorp, Australian Unity, BUPA, Medibank Private, Superpartners, Bendigo Bank, SP Ausnet, Australia Post, Newcrest Mining, Gilead Sciences, Unico, PROV, GE, Tata Global Beverages, City of Melbourne, City of Greater Dandenong, Lonely Planet, City of Port Phillip, EACH, Wesley Mission, Life Assist, Iron Mountain, Guidedogs Victoria, MFB, CFA, Department of Health and more.



“I have had the privilege and pleasure of knowing Mei, both as a leadership facilitator and as my Executive coach. As a leadership facilitator Mei would regularly challenge and inspire myself and my team. As my coach she has been absolutely instrumental in my personal and professional success and happiness. I have never met anyone like Mei, someone who blends insight and empathy, bravery and vulnerability. Mei challenges me to become the best version of myself and I feel like she takes every step right beside me. I have introduced many members of my various teams to Mei’s skills over a decade now and she has never failed to impress and add enormous value to our organisation. I have never had a single person disappointed with their experience of Mei. If you are lucky enough to come into Mei’s orbit then make sure you seize the opportunity to bring her wisdom and warmth into your life. I feel eternally grateful that I did. Thanks Mei!”

– Sean Hallahan, CEO, Costa

“I engaged Mei to facilitate a two-day leadership intensive for a newly formed executive leadership team. It delivered on the brief of consolidating the team together quickly so that they could face into delivering a world-class customer service proposition. Mei used her uncanny ability to pick up what was really happening within the group dynamics and to use those insights to help us come together as a high performing team. We were supported in developing a level of (respectful) challenge that enabled us in having truly robust and purposeful conversations and create a strong foundation for how we would operate. Nearly 12 months later despite significant organisational change the team are one of the most highly regarded leadership teams at the NAB with an enviable record of delivery. Mei’s energy and commitment to seeing her clients achieve their outcomes is outstanding. If your leadership team are ready to do the real work of leadership, I would highly recommend that you engage Mei.”

– Stephen White, Chief Operating Officer, Yorkshire Building Society
(At the time Stephen was the Executive General Manager, Customer Payments and Processing, Enterprise Services and Transformation – NAB)

“We engaged Mei to work with the Executive team over a period of 18 months. During this time Executive members became more courageous in challenging the status quo and created stretch goals to improve together. We worked through processes designed to help us have constructive dialogue as well as to further develop trust, commitment, accountability and therefore results. There was a commitment to continuing these conversations during our Executive Meetings as well as during sessions with a realisation that adaptation takes time and dedication. We worked on understanding each other’s communication styles and moved towards a collective thinking of having unconditional positive regard for each Team member, rather than defaulting to a defense mechanism, which can occur when under pressure.”

– Peter Ruzyla, CEO, EACH

“Life Assist held a two-day management retreat to progress our leadership and cultural agenda. This was also the first joint collaboration between two merged organisations and thus added an additional layer of complexity for facilitation. Her facilitation was clearly responsive to the detailed briefings provided. Further proof of how attuned she is to individual client needs became apparent as she nuanced her already tailored approach to respond to the group’s inevitably unique dynamic as it evolved. Mei has that rarest of abilities to hold people spellbound, even in the post lunch and final sessions of a jam-packed, thought provoking conference. This springs from her absolute subject mastery and an attentive, energetic and inspirational presentation style, wrapped in empathy and good humour. All attendees were effusive in their praise of Mei and justly so.”

– Gerry Mak, CEO, Life Assist

“Mei has been my executive coach for 6 months now and during that time she has challenged my thoughts and feelings on leadership in a profound and insightful manner that is resonating in all my people interactions, in business and socially. Mei has an outstanding approach which is individualised to your needs through a deep understanding of your feelings and who you genuinely are as a person. I have developed personally and professionally while working with Mei and recommend her outstanding work.

If you are an individual or a team looking to develop and grow and are up for the challenge you will enjoy working with Mei. She definitely brings out your very best. I find Mei wonderful to deal with, astute, thoughtful and exceptionally engaging. Her ability to read people and situations is inspiring.”

– Ian Hendy, Group Executive Sales, ME Bank

“Mei is a masterful facilitator and executive coach. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mei in different contexts over the last three years and experienced her as an Executive Leadership facilitator, 1-1 Executive Coach and facilitator of her transformative intensive course. Mei exemplifies what it is to be an adaptive leader. She is deeply committed to her clients and adapts her style, content and approach to her clients and their context in order to facilitate and foster growth and development. She has an acute awareness of where the person is at – always seeking to understand their whole self and thus helping to push boundaries while being highly supportive. As an Executive Team Leadership facilitator, Mei is highly skilled in helping teams shift their collective effort towards the delivery of a common vision. She does this by balancing individual development with team development. Mei equips individuals with the confidence to provide constructive peer feedback which is instrumental to building a more cohesive and high performing team. Through Mei’s guidance and coaching, I have learned much about myself as a leader. Mei has challenged the way I see the world and my place in it. Mei is an exceptional facilitator and coach. I highly recommend her for organisations and leaders of any scope, size or industry.”

– Hang Vo, CEO, White Lion

“Mei helped me grow in a variety of areas that have made me a better and more effective leader in my organisation. Mei, is a fantastic coach and leads the program in a structured but adaptable fashion, allowing for time for participants to give everything a go, with a philosophy of people learn by doing. She also adapts focuses to make sure she is addressing the key learning outcomes of all participants. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their leadership potential or work in a coaching environment.”

– Simon Dubois, National Head of Digital of Audit, Assurance and Risk Consulting & Partner, KPMG

“Mei is an incredibly gifted coach and teacher. Mei has helped me to discover incredibly powerful insights into myself and the world around me. I cannot recommend Mei highly enough for anyone with a desire to reach their full potential.”

– Cassandra Goodman, Global Director, People Engagement & Experience, BUPA

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