The Common Denominator Of All Successful Programs

The Common Denominator Of All Successful Programs

When somebody cancels, or drops out of our programs

When a sales call doesn’t go to plan, or your prospective client just ghosts you …

It’s easy to lose a little bit of hope, or get a bit demoralised.

Never fear, this is just a part of doing business.

There is gold to be mined in this opportunity though. 

In these moments it’s time to muster and regather strength and focus to really back our own message. 

Maybe we aren’t quite as clear on the promise, or the transformation that we offer

Or what your audience most needs to hear from you.

What is the real cornerstone piece behind a program succeeding with rave reviews….

or flopping, with only a handful of mediochre testimonials? 

The common denominator of all successful programs is …. 

Your program needs YOU to be the First Buyer.

The first client of our program is always, always, always ourselves.

We need to ask ourselves:

Why are we making this offering in the world?

What are you doing this for? 

What are you standing for?

If you could make any change in the world or bring any gift to the world, what is it that you think that people really need?

In The SuperCoach Academy our promise is Coaching Skills.

If you have transformational coaching skills, you are going to be a better coach.

You are going to be able to be more powerful. You’re going to get better results. You’re going to have more conviction and confidence and create that authority positioning.

You’ll bust through feast and famine income and create that calm cashflow that comes from having coaching confidence.

That’s our promise. That’s what we stand for. That’s the backbone of our message.

In the SuperCoach Academy we help you get really clear on the  backbone of your message and start to monetize by becoming the first buyer of your Program.

Regardless of what anybody else says or does, or whether they buy or don’t buy, you must believe in your product 100%.

It’s not up to your, client’s buying from you to help give you strength about the conviction of the program.

You’ve got to bring that conviction of the program and that’s what will help people buy from you that certainty and that conviction. 

Here’s to your mission and your success!

Kylie x

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