The “My health for Your health” deal

The “My health for Your health” deal

This is the deal that has completely changed the way I eat and the way I think about my health.

I want to lose weight. I want to gain more confidence. I want to be fit. I want to have a healthy lifestyle… Blah blah blah BUT I can’t. I give up after 3 days. I loose my words whenever I get to speak. I am too tired to wake up. Healthy is too boring…

Do these words pop into your head or out of your mouth sometimes? They definitely do in mine… And I always think “I need more motivation. If I only had more motivation…”

Ah… I know but what if you already have it? (You are probably thinking “What is this Broccoli flower saying”?)

Well first of all my name is Cauliflower (go ahead laugh…) and second of all just hear me out.

Ok, so 10 days ago I took my dad to the doctor. He was sick with the flu and his coughing was getting really bad. He started smoking again about 20 cigarettes a day. He has high blood pressure and after doing a subject on stroke at the university I got a little worried especially now that he is getting older. I felt that as his daughter I have to help him and take care of him. So I thought about it and I came up with some kind of a deal that I could offer to my dad. I asked him to try and quit smoking for once more. But this time he won’t be alone in this. Me and the rest of the family will support him by facing our addiction (food).


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Each one of us will resist the temptation of sweets, fried food and big portions as our way of showing how much we care about your health but also to show how much we want to have a healthy and long life so that we can spend it with the people that we love. And the same goes for him too but with smoking.  He didn’t give me an answer… After two days he said YES!!! It seemed liked I got the deal that I wanted. I like to call it the “My health for your health deal”.

It has been 10 days now and I see myself waking up in the morning and eating a fruit salad with some nuts (not a tub of ice cream). I find it much easier to resist the cakes that relatives bring over. I don’t crave a to eat 10 slices of 10 different cheesecakes 10 times a day. I always remind myself how important my dad’s health is to me but also how important my health is to them as well as me. If I am well then I can offer them so much more and that’s what I am striving for with every choice that I make. It seems like my eyes have opened and now I am able to see all those things that matter to me. My mind and heart have opened and now I can accept the strength, motivation and determination that all those things are giving me.

CAUTION though… Don’t rush it. This isn’t a switch that you just turn on, but a step by step process. There was a day where I was halfway through a cupcake and then I realised what I was eating (of course I left the rest there but I didn’t make myself vomit just to get the sugar out). What I’m saying is that it’s okay to make bad choices sometimes, it does NOT mean that you don’t love your family. That bad choice of mine made me think of the importance of my and my dad’s health and it made me stronger by putting the half eaten cupcake down.

So please, open those beautiful eyes of yours, open that lovely heart, open that great mind and once you do, ’cause I know you will, you will see, you will feel and you will act.

With endless love…

Cauliflower 😀


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