The Power Of Being Still

The Power Of Being Still
“When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself.
When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world”.
– Eckhart Tolle


Sometimes the best things in life are counter-intuitive. Exhaling when you want to hold your breath, relaxing when you want to tense, letting go when you crave to hold on and standing still when you yearn to move. This is when you break your patterns and miracles begin to happen..

Slowing down to the point of a complete halt is often the last thing we feel like doing. There is the small business to run and of course – the kids and family to lovingly attend to. So when it’s time to kick back, you’d rather curl up with your husband, pour a glass of wine, settle into a Netflix marathon and flick through a mag while reading a good book – no?

So really, who has the time for stillness?

Despite plenty of celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Moby, Katy Perry and Sheryl Crow going on the record about how meditation is changing their lives, stillness is uncomfortable. We are used to being busy, stressed or entertained. Without those stimuli, we worry we’ll be bored, or scared to meet the silence.

Taking the time to pause is one of the most spiritually, mentally and emotionally replenishing things you can do for yourself – and deep down you already know this. It’s when your whole system can reset and rejuvenate, melting negativity, overcoming exhaustion and affording you access to a whole new wave of creative genius. I don’t know what TV show or blend of Merlot that would do quite that!

Being inwardly quiet can afford your life incredible power – even when things are noisy on the outside. With so many messages thrown at us from the media on how to look, the endless advice and dubious role modelling – it’s nice to listen to your inner wisdom for a change.


So how do you find such stillness even if you’re not much one for meditating? Here are 8 simple ideas:

1. Sit and do absolutely nothing whether you have 2 minutes or 20 minutes

2. Sip a cup of tea in your special spot without your phone

3. Inhale aromatherapy oils, or another delicious fragrance to consume your senses

4. Find a pretty spot to sit down after your daily walk

5. Go outside at work regularly for 10 deep breaths

6. Listen to sacred music or your favourite relaxation song

7. Do a guided meditation

8. Enjoy your shivassanah after yoga

There are so many resources on Google, Youtube and of course, in the App Store.

Be guided, be still and just do the not doing. Your life will thank you.


Alina Berdichevsky is a personal branding coach and regular contributor to the Open Colleges Careers blog. When she’s not writing about leadership, communication and success, she loves reading about inspiring women in history, working on her soufflé and of course – perfecting an inner zen.

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