The Tide Has Turned

The Tide Has Turned

And just like that… The minute I publicly owned my contraction, accepted and owned it without shame, now on a new moon, the tide began to turn, and my contraction has turned into expansion.

In social media it mostly looks like everyone is out there doing amazing things and has it all together. But everyone has their challenges. The truth is, last few years my business took hit after hit, ALL of them the consequences of my own co-creations, decisions that I had made with the best intentions, but from a frequency of lack.

I had been attempting to scale my 6 figure business into a 7 figure business, but I was building on very unstable ground. I had a dream of paying off our mortgage in one big lump sum, like I had seen some others do in Business Masterminds, and I was trying to leap too far too quickly. Trying to skip steps. Reinvesting 95% back into my business and not paying myself and my family first.


Note to self: Skipping essential steps attracts balancing forces.

While comparing myself to multi-millionaire business coaches, I dropped into a sense of lack, bumped right up against my own money blocks, (I’ll share those in another post) I floundered, “small fish-big pond”, and I made a series of decisions that lead to the lowest turnover I had in many years. I was the being the epitome of Wounded Healer archetype. Giving, giving, giving, wanting, feeling lack, frustrated I wasn’t doing better and in the very feeling of lack, blocking my own receiving.

My ego mind forgot my true mission as a World Healer when I got caught up in a group mind that was not in sync with my soul work. I was not in that big pond for the reason I thought I was. I was in that pond to I learn some ESSENTIAL lessons about business for my next phase…


Note to self: breakdowns ALL-ways lead to breakthroughs when you trust the process.

“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often simply serves as something to aim at.” – Bruce Lee

Having long outgrown my old weight loss niche, but still weirdly uncertain about truly claiming my power in my next level of service, even though I was/am/have-been doing it for years.

Luckily, I have a super stable family, amazing husband, beautiful children, and the most incredible team of business besties, soul-sisters and brothers that support me and offer wise words when required. I am super privileged to be in a position where I can be challenged so much, and still live a beautifully sweet life. Last year I had my bestie Bianca by my side, and I know I couldn’t have kept going without the total joy of speaking to her almost every day.


Note to self: You can’t do it on your own. Build your support networks. Be the person who supports others when you can, and you will be supported in turn.

And in this time floundering, figuring it out, my ego became stressed out because I was nowhere near hitting any of my financial goals, and not contributing to my family in the way I wanted to… But I built all the foundational steps I had been trying to skip. Business skills & management stuff. Level 4 systems. And I was contributing to my family in the way they needed, as Mama.

“No failure, only feedback” has kept me going, while I muddled through my business trying to figure out what was next. The place I always felt the best and most empowered was in teaching or coaching. This is my truth. My soul work. I have earned my unfolding Mastery there. And in this time, of creating courses, creating transformational events, helping my clients in a BIG way on a SMALL scale, I have created the most incredible models of Sovereign Power. Distilling ancient spiritual insights into simple, accessible visual coaching models.

They are so profound, and so simple, I needed to grow into them. My business mastery needed to catch up, to be able to hold and support them, to build the systems and power inside myself get it to the many people who need to learn it.

Then I did Spiral.

And found the piece I was missing from ALL my 15 years of mindset coaching & training… Embodiment.

Taking that “aha” mental insight – that comes so quickly to me – and allowing it to drop down into every cell of my body, through my energy field, opening up my own Souls Wisdom, clearing the path ahead and allowing me to take Aligned Action that is 100% right for me.

I stopped being so concerned with following what other people said was right, I stopped deferring my values to theirs, and started listening to myself again.

I shifted out of a collective mind that was locked on a bright path focused on money as the primary goal, and shifted into a collective of artists, creatives and healers.

And I finally healed my own internal split between my Artist and my Entrepreneur. Level 5. Expansion. Voice. Leadership.

The Tide Has Turned

Photo by Bea Maz


Challenges don’t happen TO you, they happen FOR you. I am so freaking grateful I am on this windy, challenging road.

My faith in the Divine Timing of my path has buffered me through this challenge.

We know there is Inner Change thinking/feeling differently, (feminine) and there is Outer Change – Action (masculine). What is missing from most of the dialogue is the Embodiment in the middle. The Inner Marriage. The ISness of living in your essence.

When you do just the Inner Work, OR just the Outer Work, you can swing like a pendulum between frantic activity, and inner dreaming and planning, healing, clearing…

Or get stuck on one side or the other…

– Business coaches who are terrified of emotions, and don’t know what to do when their clients cry.

– Mindset coaches/ healers who glaze over on spreadsheets, are terrified of auto responders and can’t pick a niche. (Lol)

There is a sweet spot in the middle.

This sweet spot is the path of Your Self-Actualisation.

The ISness of your Business – to quote my dear friend and mentor Ivonne Delaflor. Level 7+.

I got some great advice the other day from my business besties to start from a clean slate and plan out my dream business, and dream clients; I kept thinking of my favourite clients/students/graduates of my NLP Legacy Leaders Certification. I simply adore spending time with hungry, aspiring coaches, eager to learn, heal and grow. These people are my Soul Contract partners in Growth and Ascension.

Claiming my next level in business is about 100% owning my space as a Soul Guide for emerging Sovereign Leaders. (Who often work as coaches & wellness entrepreneurs)

The leaders we are training now, are precisely the people we need to be ready for the future of this planet, for the ever SO many next waves of Awakening souls who need support to step out of the density and struggle of the 3D.

You will know if you have been called.

What I do BEST, is help awakening humans who have a pressing desire to grow through and beyond their pain, trauma and heavy past, and transmute it into their Soul Mission, unleashing their FREEDOM in the process.

It was written into my Keys at my birth. Grace transmuting Karma through my Voice. Line 5. Gene Key 22 is my Life Purpose.

I am a breaker-of-karmic-chains… lol

This work is a profound personal healing that leads to a massive professional change as you come inline/online with your soul mission. Often people start working with me when they are employed in an unfulfilling job, after doing loads of internal work with counsellors and psychologists, and under visible stress from the growing the internal pain they are carrying, and from the growing gap between where they feel called to be, and where they are now.

This is not an overnight process.

It is not fast. It is not easy. But it is a hell of a lot easier and faster than continuing to struggle in despair wishing things were different.

There are often moments of breakdown, before the breakthrough.

The people who have the very best results, work with me over 2-3 years. Everyone feels better from day 1. Some people just have more to wade through to unlock their core wounds and purpose.

They are committed to their growth, and feel a powerful urgency to heal, to learn, to give back, and to keep growing no matter what.

They are deeply concerned with the state of the Earth and committed to doing what they can do do their part to support the change.

Aspiring Change-Makers, Open-Hearted, Inspired, Creative, Sensitive, Feeling stuck, Yearning for more, wanting to give, but giving from an endlessly empty cup.

They are willing to do the Work, eat feedback for breakfast, they are willing to dive right into the pain of their uncomfortable emotions, and they become Unstoppable Sovereign Magnetic Leaders in the process.

They are my mirror and I am theirs.

If this resonates, I’m finally ready for you.

…All of you.

I stand for you. I love you.

Thanks for waiting for me to be ready.

Game on baby!

Kylie x

Very soon, I will announce a series of events for current and aspiring NLP/ Mindset Coaches, who are ready to transmute their Wounded Healer into a Magnetic Leader, if you’re keen, write EVENT below, and I’ll be sure to get you all the details.


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