The world needs you

The world needs you


You may look around at all the noise

And wonder what you have to give

You may think there are so many others already doing it

You may feel you’ve got nothing new to add

You may wonder how you can make a difference

When there are some days where you still struggle yourself.


Even on the days when you struggle with motivation
Even on the days when you question whether you’re gifts matter
Even on the days when you think other people can do it better


You have limitless power inside you ready to be tapped into.

When you unlock your gifts, and share them with the world, you help others step into their power and share their own gifts as well.

If you think of how many problems there are out there to solve,

You’ll realise that we can’t have TOO MANY people who are activated and on mission.
When we think of how many people are struggling, and how many incredibly inspiring ideas there are waiting to be birthed, we can’t have TOO many leaders stepping into their authentic, magnetic truth.

We need a world of people on fire with purpose, people loving what they do, contributing to the world in their unique way with their genius and gifts.
There is something that you can do, that no one else can do quite like you.

YOUR message matters.
YOUR magic matters.
YOUR mission matters.
Just in case you’re wondering

YES, the world DOES NEED YOU.

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