This is your life’s work. It’s never all done.

This is your life’s work. It’s never all done.

There is no “there” that you need to get to.
When you get wherever “there” is, it is “here”.
And your current “here” was a previous “there”.

What if you just let go of that idea of “there” and just allowed yourself to grow while you’re HERE, in this moment, not chasing the next moment.

and allow what wants to emerge, emerge…

Respond to what’s happening around you,
bring the fullness of yourself into all that is offered to you
very moment.

Let go of all of those expectations, those “shoulds”, those “have to”s.
Be here now.

This is the paradox.

Letting go of all of the expectations of how things should be instantly reduces the stress on your nervous system, and brings all of your energy into your body here and now, which makes you more potent and EFFECTIVE IN THIS MOMENT.

Which will lead you to the next.


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