Throw away your scales!

Throw away your scales!

Please, please, please… If you want to get slim. Throw away your scales.

Or if you can’t bear to throw them away at least get them out of your bathroom and stop weighing yourself all the time.

There are 5 major problems with weighing yourself constantly:

  1. You are focusing on the wrong thing. Your weight.
    When you focus on your weight, you are not focusing on health and slimness. Your mind is thinking about how fat you are today or how much weight you’ve lost. This is the least useful thing to focus on when you want to get slim and stay slim. Remember you manifest in your life what you focus on in your mind, so focus on slimness, health, vitality not on weight.
  2. You feel bad if you haven’t lost weight.
    Your emotions then take a daily ride of up and down based on what those numbers on the scale say. If you have lost only a little or nothing at all, or gained weight are likely to feel bad and beat yourself up in your mind.
  3. You’re more likely to binge if you have lost weight.
    When you have lost a lot, you feel good and want to reward yourself, so you are more likely to eat the wrong thing afterward.

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  5. It is yo-yo diet mindset / short term thinking.
    Weighing yourself all the time is short term thinking, which is part of the emotional eating cycle, which causes yo-yoing weight. If you want to get slim and stay slim, you must expand your thinking to focus on your long term health. Being slim is a by-product of being healthy, eating well and having daily activity in your life. If you focus on living a healthy life you will get slim.
  6. Your weight is not an accurate representation of your body fat.
    You could be 60kgs and have a lot of excess body fat, or you could be 62kgs and very lean with a lot of muscle. Does the number matter to you more than your body composition? I’m guessing you’d rather look slim, toned, lean and strong, rather than flabby and light? If you want an accurate reading, get a PT to assess your body fat percentage using calipers. Set goals to reduce your body fat percentage or to get leaner, not just to weigh less. It is better to use a tape measure or use your clothes to measure how slim you are.

If you are stuck in short term / yo-yo dieters mindset, and can’t stop weighing yourself the soon to be released Slim Sexy Club will help you get over that. Shoot me an email at to register your interest.

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