Together we RISE!

Together we RISE!

Connect based on frequency.

 Allow yourself to connect with the people you admire and be reflected in them. And to let go and shift when the time comes to create space for new friendships and relationships.

Hey team, I just wanted to share a quick, live video with you today. This will be the start of quite a few new live videos from me, on my personal Facebook page. I wanted to share with you today the power of connecting with people that are on a similar frequency to you and are headed where you’re headed.

Just recently, Mish and I both upleveled into a really amazing new business group. And it’s been really cool how quickly we have been able to uplevel. My beautiful business partner Bianca and I ran a weekend just this weekend gone, the Weightless Woman Weekend. The first Weightless Woman Weekend of many Weightless Woman Weekends.

We had such an incredible experience with 30 new best friends. Thirty ladies that we shared the weekend with, that we did some incredible workshopping with. We learned some amazing breathing techniques. We did some deep transformative hypnosis, DNA activations, and healings. For the 11:11 we had not just a minute silence, we had some very deep DNA activation and divine feminine healing over the 11:11 at 11:11.

So that was amazing. We had a beautiful evening on Saturday evening, laughing and dancing together. We had our sister Sasch teach some amazing dance moves. One of her special tips was, “If you can’t dance, then just write your name with your butt.” That’s a fun way to dance.

We had some really fun times, and we had some deep transformational moments with these ladies. And quite a few of them chose to continue on the journey with us, with the My Mind Coach coaching team, and with the Weightless Woman Program that is going to launch next year.

You are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with.

I was just really reflecting today about how quickly life can shift when you shift the people that you spend your time with. And we all know that fabulous quote by Jim Rohn: “You are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with.”

There are some people that you drift apart with, and some people that you become closer with. Because, as you change, your frequency resonance changes. So, some people you no longer resonate with, and some people, you might weave in and out. Some people are with you for a season, and then you might drift apart, and then you might come back again later. And that’s the way of life.

As you grow, you’re able to connect with people at different levels.

If you are really connected to your growth, then you might find yourself moving through different relationships through your life as you uplevel, and as you grow. And that’s a beautiful thing. That’s a really beautiful thing. And you can wish those people well, and wish them good-bye when it’s time for you guys to move in different ways. And for them to drop out of your hologram, or for you to drop out of theirs, and move in different directions. And to welcome the space that that creates for beautiful new connections to take you to your next level of growth.

It’s just become so clear to me how powerful that is. That when you become connected with a group, like the power of the group standing together and working with a unified mind for a transformational consciousness shift, how powerful that is. And so, I just wanted to share that with you to be aware of who are you hanging around with. Who are you hanging around with in your normal day-to-day physical reality? Who are you hanging out with in your online reality?

Because now we live in a world where we are not grouped together just by our geography and by our physical body, but we can connect based on consciousness. We can connect based on the people, the things that we’re interested in. We can connect based on our resonance. And a lot of people that I consider my dearest friends, I have never met in physical form, yet. But, I feel an incredible resonance with them. And we connect in private Facebook groups and have amazing conversations.

We do each other’s courses, and things like that. Incredible connections can be made, and I’ve got amazing friends all over the world that I’ve met through this amazing connection tool of Facebook. It has its benefits and its drawbacks, and one of the amazing benefits is that we can connect based on consciousness, and the consciousness that we’re at, rather than just geography and were we’re living in our physical body.

Be mindful of where you’re spending your attention and who are resonating with your life.

My question to you today is just to be mindful of where you’re spending your attention, about who you are resonating with in your life, and to invite you to be okay if you are shifting away from some people or shifting towards new people. To go with that urge. To follow that divine intuition and go with it. And see where it leads you. Because, recently I’ve made some big shifts around this, and it has radically upleveled the level of service that I’m able to deliver in the world. The amount of joy and fun and ease and flow and synchronicity that is happening. And of course, the way that I can serve my family and my community.

It’s a really exciting thing, and I just wanted to share that with you today.

There you are, Katerina! Hi, darling! You have inspired me to do these lives, and here I am, live on my personal profile. Katerina is one of the people that I was just speaking about, that we have a frequency connection, that we haven’t met in physical form yet but have a resonance, and a resonance that goes beyond the physical plane.

It is really exciting to share this world, to share this earth with other people that have a similar resonance, and to see where that leads, when we can start to connect together rise up together. And as we connect with people that see something we admire in them, when we see something that we admire in someone else, the old-school way of thinking about that, is to go, “Oh, wow, they have that beauty. Oh my goodness. They have that beauty and I could never have that beauty.” And compare and contrast and feel yourself as lacking. That’s the old way of thinking about things.

The new way of thinking about things, with like Earth 2.0 frequency, 5D dimensional frequency, is to see the divinity in someone else; the beauty, the grace, the joy, the knowledge, the wisdom in someone else, and go, “Wow, that’s a reflection of me. Yes. Yes. How cool is that? How awesome is that?” And you see the other, you see the greatness in someone else as a mirror of yourself. And it helps you to rise higher and higher and higher. And we rise together.

We rise together.

So if you see something wonderful in somebody else, ask yourself, “Where do I have that in my life? Where do I already exhibit that?” Because if it is showing up in your hologram, if it’s showing up in your life, then it means that it is showing up for you, because you embody that. You have that in your life somewhere. So own that, and allow that to grow, because it is showing up for you, because it already exists in you.

As we see more greatness in each other, and witness, and mirror each other’s greatness, we can rise together. That’s it for today. I love you all. And I look forward to sharing more beautiful live streams with you as the inspiration comes through. Lots of love. Bye.

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