Do you understand your WHY? Here’s mine…

Do you understand your WHY? Here’s mine…

Understanding your why is a critically important aspect of motivation and inspiration. And I want to share with you my driving reasons for doing this work with you today…

Here’s why I am on this mission to serve & transform the women of the world.

  • To transform the way women perceive themselves.

I have been very lucky to learn amazing tools for change, that have transformed my own life while I was young. I am on a mission to share those tools with as many women as possible who are ready to step up and leave behind their limitations, to find their greatness.

  • I have been overweight and hated myself. It’s not fun.

Before I was lucky enough to find these tools for change I struggled with 30kgs/ 66lbs of extra fat, debt, toxic relationships, and drugs, and and all the crushing self-doubt and shame that goes with it. I discovered that my low self-worth, and unhappiness was not because of being overweight. But in fact the other way around, I was overeating, self-medicating with “partying” and overspending because I was unhappy and believed I wasn’t worthy of love.

I know the intense pain of being inside this cycle of self-hate, just barely focussing on getting through the next moment, and if I can help just one person escape that cycle, I must do what I can.

  • I believe that your weight & looks do not define you.

Unfortunately we currently live inside a social paradigm that judges women based on their appearance. Women are measured not on their brains, abilities or creations, but on their booties, and beauty. I love being sexy and feeling beautiful, and I think this is a hugely important aspect of being a woman, and I also abhor that 99% of music video clips are close to soft-porn, teaching young girls to measure their worth on their sexiness and beauty.  You are so much more than your body or your weight. I want to teach every mother that, I want her to know it not just in her head but in every cell of her body, so that young girls have an immunity to the bombardment of media that teaches them to judge their appearance.

  • To live by example for my children.

I now firmly believe in the abundance of possibilities inside this amazing Universe. I want to show my children that Abundance is a reality, through creating it daily in our lives. I define abundance as energy, health, vitality, joy, beauty, & the freedom to live as you wish and make choices in your life.

  • To be the best I can be.

Just like you do, I have a deep desire to grow into my potential. This is the drive for self-actualisation that is present in every single person. I know that I have within me the power to effect change for millions of women’s lives through my gift of self-expression through writing, music and teaching. I am driven to create what I can create in order to effect positive change. “What a man can be, he must be. This need we call self-actualisation.” – Abraham Maslow

  • This is a very special time for women & the planet.

The Woo-Woo Spiritual people believe that this is a very important time for the rising of the Divine Feminine across the globe, and I do too. (It’s true, I’m a woo-woo too!) I have seen a change over the past 5 years that culminates in incredible opportunities for women that have never existed before. Women are now placed to be the economic leaders of the next century, and with the amazing possibilities of the internet, women can now create businesses and also have the flexibility to raise their children, they can connect with women on the other side of the world with the click of the mouse and create value that enriches their lives and others through the expression of their own gifts and talents. This is a magical time for change, and I want to empower as many women as possible to ride this wave.

If you’re still stuck trying to meet your lower-order needs of taking care of your health and vitality and not feeling worthy of love or abundance, you’ll miss this huge opportunity for growth, inside this short 3 year window. I can help you to transform your health, vitality, body image and self-love so that you can step up into your awesome potential too!! Yay!



Please share in the comments below to honour your mission and your why!

  • Why are you doing what you are doing?
  • Is your heart and soul calling you to transform and move to play a bigger game?
  • Do you yearn to evolve out of survival and step into your possibility of THRIVING?
  • Would you like some help on your journey?

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  1. I have loved watching your videos. It really does sound like your discribing me to a T. I really have trouble staying on track and have put it down to hormones? I still haven’t found that snap moment you mentioned in your last video. My goal is to be happy with myself. Be confident wn my body. I am a size 12 I would really like to be an 8-10. I would like to stop comparing myself physically to others and be more accepting of my self. Thank you for sharing your video, I look forward to the next one.
    Cheers Chere.

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