Unpacking the appeal of Isagenix: Why do we keep going back to the quick fix?

Unpacking the appeal of Isagenix: Why do we keep going back to the quick fix?

Sigh… I have been avoiding getting into this conflict for ages, even though I have a deep and profound dislike for pills, potions, shakes and meal replacers in general, and I advocate a long term, lasting approach to health transformation.

I am highly skeptical of anything claiming to cleanse your system or detoxify your body which you must buy in a box, or commit to an ongoing subscription. However I have avoided this particular tussle over Isagenix because I prefer to be known for what I stand FOR, and spend my energy on what I create, rather than tear down something else. However it has now come to my door, and rather than write a private email to a friend and a few of my followers and clients who have asked for my opinion, I have decided that I will make public my professional thoughts and opinions in the hope that it spares some of my followers heart-ache and metabolism damage…

I have a strong stance against quick-fix shakes. As a weight loss mindset professional, (I am a qualified Meta-Coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP Master who has been in the health industry for 10 years and who has personally struggled with my weight)  I have seen too many women burned by the after-the-after comedown of these quick fix “health” products, that ruin your metabolism and deplete your self-belief, leaving you thinking that you are the problem, when in fact, you had just been sold into a system through very clever marketing and psychological triggers of “expert” testimony and social proof, that was designed to fail from the start. You think you have failed, that you have no willpower, when in fact it is the diet industry, that has perpetuated myths on our collective consciousness that has lead us to believe that the power to attain our own health is outside of ourselves.

The latest craze…

The latest of these diet fads is Isagenix, an expensive meal replacer & supplement program sold via MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). Before Isagenix was Herbalife &  Body By Vi, before that it was Slim-Fast, Celebrity Slim, Tony Ferguson meal replacer shakes, Opti-fast, Ultra-slim, Lemon Detox Drinks, Slim-Right… There have been a lot over the last few years.

And that’s to say nothing of the quick fix pills: Xenical, Duromine, Liproxenol, Garcinia Cambodia, Hydroxycuts, Maxi-cuts, Opti-burn, Themo-burn, Abidexin, XLR8, etc, etc. Quick fixes all.

Why do we keep buying them?

The reason for these diet fads’ insidious hold on our culture has to do with the way our brain is wired. We are designed to look for the quickest path from A to B. We want to get the biggest reward for the least amount of effort, it’s survival 101, and these products are very cleverly marketed to push our persuasion buttons and brainwash us into buying them and then on-selling them to others.  To quote my dear friend and fellow  health campaigner Bianca Aiono on this subject, (which was the catalyst for me to write this post)  “they are just falling victim to the “Make Money Easily” industry whilst exploiting others through the “Lose Weight Easily” diet industry.”

Check out Bianca’s passionate and funny post here: http://www.bionicafitwarrior.com/the-problem-with-isagenix/

What makes the marketing so persuasive?

I’d like to look at the marketing of a product like Isagenix to take apart its marketing appeal on the masses:


1. Expert Testimony

These products talk about their scientific studies, and anecdotal testimony to add validity their efficacy and health benefit claims. There are is one nutritionist I have seen promoting Isagenix – Natalie Jill, and many Personal Trainers, and all of whom are a part of the business and financially benefit to sell the products, to quote Natalie “I am not going to lie, I like the residual income aspect! Who wouldn’t?”

I have seen actual scientific studies that report on the health benefits of some of the ingredients within Isagenix products but I have not seen one unbiased, double-blind study that proves the the health claims that Isagenix makes for it’s products. (If you know of one, please forward it to me… and I will happily revise my position) Isagenix are taking these other studies and saying if all these ingredients do good things, this product, with all of them together must also be good. This is flawed rationale at best and does nothing to understand the complex way that herbs interrelate inside our biology.

Here’s some more points reviewing the flawed rationale from retired Dr Harriet Hall

And a critique of the ingredients from a Certified Nutrition Consultant.

2. Social Proof

One of the most persuasive forms of social psychology as per social psychologist, author and researcher Dr. Cialdini is Social Proof which activates our innate tribal thinking. MLM businesses have this built into their model, and it is a brilliant strategy, because they only need to convince one person, then that person goes out and evangelises to their own social network, who are more inclined to believe them due to their personal connection. Once enough people have liked a certain product in a social circle it reaches a tipping point and the masses then fall into line like sheep, each thinking that the person ahead of them has done the research so it must be good. http://mlm.com/persuasive-strategies-social-proof/

3. Equating products to eating whole foods and health.

These analogy pictures as above take one ingredient or vitamin and equate it to a whole food. For example as per the diagram, there’s 180mcg of Vitamin A which is the same as eating 1 capsicum. Anyone who has any understanding of nutrition would realise that 180mcg of Vitamin A created in a laboratory is not equivalent to 1 capsicum, it is equivalent to 180mcg of chemically extracted or created Vitamin A. The problem with equating these two in cute diagrams to people who aren’t educated in nutrition means that they think that they are getting the equivalent of fruits and vegetables, and are lulled into a false sense of security that they are eating something healthy. Yes Vitamin A is mostly good for you, (not always, too much can be harmful) but is it bio available? Does it actually impact your blood work? And what about the other nutrients in a capsicum? The micronutrients, fibre, enzymes, minerals etc?  See here to find out all the other things that are in a capsicum that aren’t in the shake… 

4. Intermittent Fasting.

There are many genuine studies that report on the benefits of Intermittent Fasting for certain people, (definitely not all people all the time) there are increases in growth hormone, detoxification through ketosis; where the body begins to use its own fat stores and damaged cells for energy in absence of carbohydrates for fuel. For those who don’t know, toxins are stored safely in our fat stores, and when we deliberately shed fat by going into a ketogenic state these toxins are then processed by your liver and kidney and excreted. Which often accounts for the bad breath, stale odour and terrible headaches that people mostly encounter when entering a fast. Fasting has a place in some health regimes for sure, but should not be entered into without the support of a genuine health professional. You don’t need to buy Isagenix supplements to fast, you can do it with the guidance of a health professional and spend the money you save on shakes, on genuine health advice from qualified professionals, tailored to your particular needs.  See more here: http://www.allaboutfasting.com/effects-of-fasting-ketosis.html


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5. Convenience and the “better than bad choice.”

We all know that in order to attain and maintain optimal health we need to eat organic whole-foods and incorporate activity into our daily lives. Isagenix purports to be a better choice for busy people to kickstart a healthier lifestyle and that may be so. There is a place for everything in this crazy world of ours. (Even the stuff I don’t like personally) It is certainly better than having Duromine, or eating Mcdonalds every day, and if it gets people to think more about their health, add fruit to their shakes and eat more real whole foods then that’s a step in the right direction. I can see it having a temporary place, in a transition, but not as a long term solution, as it claims to be.  However it is also an unnecessary and expensive extra step that has just as much chance of also leading to problems, side-effects and a negative health spiral as it does putting someone on the right track to learning more about their health.

6. Easy Weight Loss

The main two selling points for the shakes & supplements are energy and weight loss. Well of course you’re going to lose weight when you’re essentially on a fast. Anytime you drastically cut your intake of calories you will lose weight. What I worry about is the long term results for people who go into this for a weight loss solution. They are not learning the fundamentals for true lasting health, instead they are being bamboozled by yet another quick fix which does nothing to re-educate them about their poor choices which lead to them being overweight in the first place. And like any other outside-in, quick fix, it also does nothing to address the mental and emotional reasons behind the persons excess weight, meaning that once they  are unable to continue on the fast, they will regain more weight than they lost due to their compromised metabolism, feelings of failure and emotional pain, and going back to their original coping strategy; eating comfort food.

7. Increased Energy

Many of the ingredients inside these shakes have energy enhancing properties, caffeine (inside the green tea extract) being the main one, and many other herbs, see here for references.  There are three main problems with taking these mixed herb formulas to increase your energy:

  1. Just like thermogenics, or any type of caffeine, you can become reliant on them to get your hit of energy each day, and mess up the natural interplay of hormones that are designed to create energy in your body naturally.
  2. There can also be disastrous side-effects of taking herbs with other medicines, or alcohol that can lead to unintended consequences.  http://altmedicine.about.com/od/herbsupplementguide/a/herb_mistakes.htm
  3. Long term or ongoing energy slumps are a symptom of a deeper causal issue that needs to be addressed, band-aiding the problem with caffeine or herbs does not solve the causal issue and will only end up in the original problem getting worse, and possibly causing real damage to your system, chronic illness and injury.

8. Depleted soils mean we need supplements.

It is true that our soils have been depleted of critical micronutrients through over-used industrialised agricultural farm lands. Many nutritional experts say that there is a place for supplementation in your nutrition regime, the latest I heard from the mouth of Dr. Nora Gedgaudas and I am not qualified enough to refute her!  (and I take some natural supplements myself so I’m inside this glass house) However I do have to question where are the nutrients coming from in the supplementation process? Is it not creating further problems in our biodiversity and ecology to farm land for agriculture and reduce this produce down to over-priced supplements for the health conscious & rich middle classes while there are many in the world who cannot afford a single carrot? I find something about that deeply disturbing. Isn’t it better to focus on buying locally grown vegetables from your farmers market which you can verify have been grown with sustainable practices?

9. Financial Reward & Home Business

There are few people on the products for long before they too become “health crusaders” and begin inundating their social media posts by how great they feel on their “awesome cleanse” just “pm me for details”. I don’t deny the appeal of financial freedom and the lure of helping other people while doing it. I do this myself in my own business. For those who are trapped inside a corporate job that does not fulfil them and looking for an escape, it is a natural progression to want to create a business out of the latest product they are taking that makes them feel great. (It is well known that after a few days on a fast you begin to feel awesome, clear-headed and have loads of energy, that’s any fast, with or without shakes) I really understand the appeal, and it is a clear reason why this has become such a prolific MLM company, with 2 billion in cumulative sales and an exponential growth rate. However, when you join the Isagenix bandwagon, you are giving the power to a multinational corporation and spending your time and energy developing a business in which you are probably not an expert, and which the majority of the profits go to someone else.

As a business owner, coach and champion for the self-actualisation and expression of your innate potential I seriously question devoting your time to building a business for someone else. I wonder what would happen if you spend that time and energy creating a business around something that you were naturally skilled at and created your own product that people genuinely needed? You would own that business 100%, you would have the joy of creation in your daily life and could feel genuinely proud of yourself for helping people with something you made yourself. That’s empowerment! That’s the kind of business I have built for myself, through my own study, expertise and hard work, it is not a quick fix, it takes time and it is awesome when you reap the rewards of your labour.

The get-rich-quick MLM model promises a quick path to riches, however after 5 years of operation 90% of MLM’ers have dropped out, ( funnily enough that’s similar to the diet failure rate too!) and that time has been wasted building a business that is a fantasy of freedom, which statistically (and legally) is not built on a solid foundation.

Get-rich-quick is a fantasy. Do the real work, get the real rewards.

10. It’s the ultimate quick-fix for a disempowered society.

My ultimate philosophical problem with Isagenix and all the other products I mentioned above is that is perpetuates the myth that the power to attain health (or your financial freedom) is outside of your control; that you need to buy products in order to empower yourself.

Yes you absolutely DO need to invest in yourself, invest in your education. Do not invest in products which take your power away.  This is the fundamental issue I have with all products of this nature. They are quick fixes at best, that ultimately dis-empower you, making you either a slave to their product, or a “failure” devaluing your belief in yourself, and leading you down a spiral of shame, and lost money.

Ultimately you don’t need to spend $300-$500 per month to get healthy or cleanse your system, you can do that just as easily, and much more cheaply by simply eating whole foods and incorporating activity into your life.

A real lasting solution for $5.

If you want more energy and the vitamins from whole foods here’s a quick solution for free… Blend some baby spinach, raw maca powder, avocado and coconut water together for a super-quick whole food shake, (that actually comes from whole foods) and go and stand in the sunlight for a few minutes to let your body absorb that energising Vitamin D from the sun!  Do something you love, go and meet a friend and have a laugh together. That is a solution to long-term lasting health and happiness that you can create for yourself. And you don’t even have to pay me a commission to enjoy it.

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  1. You got it started B-girl. Thanks for leading the way for me to stand up and say what so many of us have been thinking. There's way too many unqualified "experts" out there who are on the payroll as you say, unwittingly giving people misinformation under the guise of helping them.

  2. Kylie Ryan I just think it's past the time for us to hide away for fear of hurting other people's opinions. We love our friends. We don't' love Isagenix. I don't need someone who's had 3 months of trying a shake diet and sitting in a seminar to "challenge me" on how to think another way that opposes my 15 years of practical application in the field.



  3. Loving seeing you and Bianca stand up for us women who are desperate to escape the pain and dejection of long term excess weight. Thankyou x

  4. Great article and also contains some gold for most people to think about as far as what they want out of life. Great read

  5. Thank you, informative and logical. Quick fixes are still difficult to convince the masses of the detrimental side effects in the long term. Love your courage.

  6. very sad typical opinion from an uneducated person bagging out something that they have clearly done no research about, sad you as a fellow health professional can not do your homework properly and speck to the many scientist, doctors, natropaths, dietatitions and others on the program before you make such comments, you compare this to other program when infact it is nothing like it, I get the fact you are against MLM that's ok its not for everyone, but please do everyone a favor and do the correct research before printing just your personal opinion!

  7. Hey Debbie, I looked at, and reference many isagenix sites in the above article. If you know me at all you would know that I am highly educated and have been working as a mindset professional in health for 10 years. Many of the points I made are drawn from an Isagenix rep that sent me their info. I'd be happy to speak to the scientists, Could you name a few and I will happily interview them to get both sides of the story clear?

  8. Thanks Donna. Appreciate your support. 🙂

  9. Kylie I necver said you were uneducated I said you were uneducated about the products! Here is the no. for Isagenix 1300651979 phone the company and ask to speck to someone directly involved in the making of the products, like forumulator Dr John Anderson, then when you have all the fact from the company first hand then make your opinion! I don't think for a minute you are not good at what you do, but don't bag another companies products out till you get the information directly from the company and ask them about their research get a clear story from the horses head instead of the horses butt so to speak, then forum an opinion! Have a great day 🙂

  10. Thanks Debbie. I'll follow this up.

  11. Debbie Knowles – a) You clearly stated the author of the post was uneducated – 'from an uneducated person' otherwise you should have said 'person uneducated about the products' b) speak not speck c) form not forum and formulator not forumulator d) horse's mouth not horses head e) dietitians not dietatitions….I could go on. If you want to appear knowledgeable and trustworthy, take a written language course.

  12. Thanks Kylie. I’ve seen the spruiking and been curious. I can gladly say I am curious no more. Very much appreciated; you have helped restore my (dis)belief in this type of program

    • I’m glad Michele! Save your money and invest in whole foods. 🙂

  13. Great article Kylie Ryan and well said. I could not agree with you more. I just spent over a year writing and researching a book to address this very philosophy when it comes to health and well-being. Sadly most people still believe (after it being disproved many times before) that there is a quick fix, and 'easy' solution to take the place of a major change in lifestyle, thinking and how you show up in the world. Eating whole foods locally produced not only greatly benefits the individual, but the community and the environment. We really do need to consider the bigger picture and longer term impacts of the choices we make. Well done and well said. Sending you a big warm high five. 😉

  14. Thanks Carl! I'm really looking forward to reading you book, while enjoying some R&R in Bali. 🙂

  15. Wow thanks Kylie that was such an awesome read ! You inspire me girl !

  16. Hi Kylie, I love reading various peoples articles as it gives me the opportunity to learn and grow in this crazy industry. It seems everyone has become an expert in weight loss these days. Six years ago I was approached about Isagenix. Three months of saying "NO" and getting sick of the follow ups phone calls to a close friend, I gave up and told her iI would go on it – just to prove its crap weight loss/shake deal is not going to work. I had such bad attitude to it – I was really rude. Cut a long story short – I followed it to a tee….to this day I am still taking Isagenix and loving it. What a turn around! My suggestion to you is to do your own research and perhaps gather your 20 people people who could give you "real feedback" Put them on the program, with 30 days money back guarantee and let those – YOUR people tell you how they feel… Not some crazy network marketing company or money hungry people, and get back to me and let me know. mary@marybacon.com xx

  17. Hi Mary – yes – I went along with it when you and Mark Ewins first got involved. Had not done anything similar before – weight loss was one factor – but also a desire for a healthier lifestyle. It is not cheap – but once I spent the money I was not going to negate it by eating and drinking products that were going to inhibit getting results. I used it on and off for several years until probably mid 2010. Have signed up again for the 30 day cleanse package which I expect to start next week. For me I think it is something that I will reach out for when the lifestyle gets a bit slack and kilos creep back on – but can understand why many people would have doubts.

  18. Diet and weight loss and maintaining it is 99.99% motivation – but the residual is knowing what is out there to assist. Is it Isagenix, a PT, both or something else or what? Is it also understanding how you came to this point in your life? Genetically I come from Irish "Mammy" genes – even underweight many moons ago I had a big frame and big boobs. No diet will change the skeleton. Metabolism is another contributor. And eventually the later life hormones kick in with consequences. I too have doubts about many of the offerings out there. I have tried Isagenix in the past. I got results. Is the product responsible – or was it the monetary investment and therefore not eating or drinking the products that maybe caused the "issues". What I do know is that I was very motivated.. I would also be interested in "studies" of people who join gyms, or engage PT's – what is the results of such research into the "success" of those actions?

  19. Thanks Shannon for all this. Actually, they were doing studies in the US some 2-3 years ago. Must ask for it. It was suppose to be a detailed and independent study. I too come from a 'fat family' however it has never messed me up, because i have made choices to give me better lifestyle and a healthy body. Its a very complex subject that it gets tangled up as we all have our personal experiences, pain and solutions. But i always have to go back to "Intelligent people make decisions based on results" So if one person has not tried something – its not based on experience. 25 years ago when i entered the fitness industry – no one liked the high protein diets, now we are bombarded with it. What happened to the balance of nutrition and eat variety of food??

  20. Hi Shannon, I really appreciate your comments. I fully agree 99.9% of changing your weight begins, as you said with your motivation; which is your mind, your thoughts, beliefs and decisions. This is where I work with my ladies, to achieve lasting results. Of course when you invest in something then a certain number of the population will be more committed and follow through with other choices that support their health. This is known as decision consonance, when you make one choice you believe is for your health, you begin to make other choices that unconsciously align with that original decision. I don't doubt that Isagenix has started that chain of events for many people. I'm glad to hear that you like it and it has worked for you. My concern is for the many people that it hasn't worked for, and who become disillusioned in themselves due to another "failure". I agree that there is a place for weight loss support with the 0.01% supplements and products to fit into a busy life. What I have trouble with is the emphasis on the products as the change-maker. You are the change-maker. Your decisions, actions, behaviours create your changes.

  21. Hey Mary, I find it interesting that in order for you to say yes, you had to be followed up with phone calls and persuasion from a friend for three months, after saying NO many times. I find that to be a distasteful and unethical marketing tactic, and one which borders on bullying.

    If you were already in the fitness industry, you already have knowledge of health and wellbeing. Can I ask what was it that you felt that you got from this that you were not able to get from real food that turned you around? I would also be interested in seeing the studies that you mentioned above.

    I have a very strong whole foods ethos, and am simply not interested in these products for any reason. I don't need them. I am healthy and fit, slim and have plenty of energy. I do not need the "passive income" either, because I have created my own products and business which I believe in.

    My clients do not need them because I teach them how to make sustainable changes from the inside out, by dealing with the mental and emotional pains, beliefs and history that lead them to put on weight in the first place, I help people deal with the causal issues, so they don't need to self-sabotage. By doing that, I know that I am helping them to become empowered and I am not setting them up to need ongoing external "fixes" for their health, which is a natural state when you fill your body with organic whole foods, and are free of mental and emotional baggage.

    I am not a nutritional expert and don't claim to be, so I wonder what your thoughts are on the toxic ingredients that are found within the products as per this review? http://ancestral-nutrition.com/an-unbiased-review-of-isagenix/

  22. Hey Shannon, just FYI there are many health options to invest in that teach you how to create sustainable lasting changes so you never need to reach for a product to help you get back on track when you "get slack and the kilos creep"… I'm interested in the reason why you get slack and ease up on your healthy lifestyle in the first place? What's behind that? While it is a common occurrence in our society, it doesn't need to be. When you really deal with the reasons that drive that, then you never have to worry about kilos creeping on again.

  23. The death of my mother and the resulting depression has a lot to do with it – and at the same time moving into the over 50 age group which brings many woman a variety of physical and mental challenges. To that you can add a change in job and a lot of travelling for work

  24. Shannon Ryan- I'm sorry to hear of the death of your mother and the Depression & grief you went through. This is the kind of emotional release and resilience skills that simply aren't taught to us as a normal course of life, and so many of us, when stressed, turn to our original coping strategy in food. This is our very first form of comfort when we were babies, your mother was your first comfort with breastmilk, and the mental association between food and love is formed right then and there. These are some of the ideas that my coaching work helps women to unpack, understand and be conscious of, then also learn new, and more healthy coping strategies for their emotional pain and life challenges.

  25. A very informative read. nothing like supportive data and educating yourself. Think you will find this interesting Andi Maloon Tighe Edward Hope and Michelle Nazaroff Julie Tighe.

  26. Informative read but unfortunately, this does not relate to me. I am doing Isagenix but I don't want anything to do with the business. For me, I need that kickstart into a healthy eating scheme – I CANT start to do it on my own. I have been in it for a little over a month, I have lost some weight but more importantly it has given me the ability to see that I don't need sugar, caffeine or alcohol in my diet. I no longer crave the crappy things if I am stressed or upset – I go straight to a piece of fruit or have a glass of water or go for a walk.
    I feel you are incorrect at saying that it doesn't teach people about proper nutrition – I have done nothing but scour the internet for clean eating recipes that I have instilled into my families meals, encouraging my children to think about their food choices and educating them in proper nutrition so that they won't have some of the issues that I have had in my adult life.
    It is not for everyone, I don't like the business side of it as I said.
    But please tell me – what the ell is a meta coach – or an NLP – seems a bit far fetched to me – more like a fancy name for a nutritionist or dietician?????

  27. I jusy have to share my perspective on the topic of comments relating to those who are “uneducated” or a “non expert” in the knowledge of nutrition etc. I have been using Isagenix for 5 years and I’m the type of person who has to understand why something works, how it works and who’s behind it. I have done tons of reading, researching and asked a lot questions about these products.

    Just a little bit of my background. I had more than 10 years of “unhappiness” in my life and no amount of good food, diet, exercise was going to take it away. I’ve always lived a healthy lifestyle. I wasn’t prepared to live the rest of my life relying on a little white pill to get me through. I tried it and it made me feel even worse. So, I weaned myself off them and went on to live in misery. My marriage fell apart and my kids were scared of me. I was a mess. I had to find something that worked. But what…..

    I was introduced to Isagenix with no idea what would come of it. I did my research before I started taking it and I felt it couldn’t hurt to try. I won’t bore you with the full story, but what happened within just a few weeks of putting these products into my body was nothing short of amazing. I was no longer struggling mentally and my out look completely shifted. I did lose 10kg in 5 weeks and I have kept that weight off for the past 5 years. I’m nearly 46 and I have a happy, healthy life I will never regret pursuing something like Isagenix.

    So, after 5 years of being on Isagenix, I have never stopped researching and understanding why it works. Here is what most people are missing about Isagenix.

    First: Labels are a concealment not a revelation. We see what ingredients are in a product but what we don’t always know is how the ingredients are made, madufactured and of what substance. Foe example, Maltodextrin in most cases is made with GMo corn. In Isagenix it is made with non-GMO tapioca. This is just one of many misconceptions about what is actually in Isagenix products.

    Second: John Anderson, the creator and formulator of Isagenix has worked as a private formulator for over 650 companies in countries all over the world. Creating more than 3000 weight management and nutritional supplements. He has worked with some of the highest respected and qualified biochemists and nutritionist in the world.

    Third: Isagenix has 30, full-time, highly qualified scientists, all with published papers in the National Library od Medicine. Isagenix Research and Development couldn’t happen without the QRTS department (QRTS stands for Quality, Regulatory, Technology, and Science), which consists of numerous scientists—including nutritionists, dietitians, food scientists, chemists, organic chemists, microbiologists, toxicologists, and biologists. The team also contributes to evidence-based nutrition research by partnering with several well-respected universities in funding and conducting clinical studies. These include University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Arizona State University, University of Maryland, Skidmore College, University of Colorado, and more.

    Fouth: Isagenix is loaded with high quality macro-nutrients, minerals, antioxidents and adoptogens. The minerals provided in these products are so miniscule, John had to buy a super-powered microscope to see them. (We’re talking under 500 nanos for those that know what that means!) John has created a system that has such a super advanced absorption rate that this is why people are getting incredible results. Our bodies are taking up every little mineral, macro-nutrient, vitamin etc possible.

    So, in finishing up, I don’t feel I need a degree to know when something works in my body and I can tell, without a doubt, my health has never been better. All of the knowledge, research and science behind Isgenix is taken care of by those who are qualified.

    If I went to an awesome movie or a great restaurant, I would share that experience with my friends and family. When something like Isagenix comes along, I’m not going to keep it a secret when I know this can benefit those I love. Isagenix wants to pay it forward by sharing profits with those that share it.

    Cheers, Tam 🙂

    P.S. My husband and I are still together and doing great.

  28. Glad to hear it has helped you Kelli, if it was a Kickstart for you, then that's awesome. Just FYI, I am not a dietician or nutritionist. I am a hypnotherapist and coach. a Mindset Specialist, NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and has been around for 50 years where I am a clinical Professional http://abnlp.org.au/ and Meta-Coaching is an advanced form of Coaching where I am also a Registered member, and certified coach. All the best.

  29. Well said Tam. Congratulations!

    It is terrible that people have negative comments on subjects they know nothing about. Be happy Kylie, love yourself and love the things that work for you. Be positive for other people in their accomplishments also. It would be nice for all people to accept we are all different and all different things work for all different people. We have beautiful diverse cultures on this planet. I hope every person lives for their own self, without trying to put down anyone who does not agree with their beliefs or believes in different things to them.
    I commend all people to try to provide information to others, but Kylie please have ALL the facts before you comment on any topic maybe, especially negative comments? 🙂
    Lets let people love, live and be happy.

  30. I agree with some of what you are saying, however Isagenix has genuinely helped 1000s of people worldwide. It’s not perfect (and not for everyone), but it’s better than not taking any action for your health.

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