Do you wash your mind?

Do you wash your mind?

Hey, everyone! Kylie Ryan here, revealing the truths of a weightless woman. I’m here in Wanaka, halfway through a bike ride and stopped at this amazing spot for a little bit of meditation, and thought I would share this moment with you because I was just listening to an audiobook by Marianne Williamson on work, money, and miracles. It’s a great book too. And she was saying how meditation and prayer are like bathing for your mind.

I love that metaphor of bathing daily because some people think that they might do some mindset work or personal development work and wonder when they’re gonna be done, when it’s gonna be fixed, like when their problem is fixed, then that’s it. They never have to do it ever again. It doesn’t work like that.


Meditation, shifting negative beliefs into positive ones, finding new wisdom, finding the lessons — those types of things are an ongoing process.

Just like you bathe daily and brush your teeth everyday, wash your undies, change your clothes to clean off the daily accumulated dirt, in just the same way you need to do something for your mind. To clean off the daily stress that happens, especially in our modern world, where we don’t get too much time in amazing scenery like this to just sit and chill. Most of the time we’re surrounded by technology and cement and not so close to nature, and that has a really stressful effect on our nervous system, but meditation and hypnosis can counter that stress. So it really needs to be a part of your daily practice.

Just like you would wash your undies and change your undies each day, you need to wash your mind each day and clear it of the thoughts and stresses that are muddying it up and making it toxic. Because if you don’t, then you end up with all these toxic thoughts running your brain, and like the Buddhists would say, this monkey mind is then running your brain.

Too many people are at the mercy of their wayward mind, of their wayward thoughts, and are undisciplined in their thinking.

Meditation and prayer helps you to be more disciplined in your thinking, so that you can stop yourself when a wayward, negative thought comes in and actually make a change to it.

What happens on a scientific level is that meditation and hypnosis, prayer actually change your brain waves from beta state down into alpha, which is a lot more peaceful and relaxed, and even into theta and delta, which is where the real magic happens in your unconscious mind. And so if you’re not doing some kind of daily practice, if you’re not listening to one of my hypnosis sessions daily, if you don’t have any kind of meditation practice, then look it up.

People saying that they’re too anxious to meditate is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard because that’s the exact reason why you need to do it. If you’re super anxious, then you need to practice more at it because you will get results, it just needs a bit more time for you to actually switch gears. It’s almost like you’ve been crusted up in beta waves so long that it’s a bit rusty to change gears down into alpha and theta and delta. And so, take some time, do your daily meditation practice. It can start with something as simple as doing ten deep breaths.

You don’t need to try and stop your mind, or stop your thinking — that’s a fallacy. Just simply become the observer of your thoughts.


Instead of being the thoughts and living the thoughts, you become the watcher of the thoughts.

So you step back from the thoughts and go, “Oh, that’s interesting. I’m having this thought about I’m this or I’m that or I’ve got bills to pay or I wonder what I’m gonna make for my dinner tonight.” Those types of thoughts are the thoughts of the monkey mind, and when we step back from those, then we can step into what’s called a meta-presence, which allows us to access more of our higher self and embody more of our higher frequency thoughts which are naturally more kind and loving and more dissociated from the emotional drama of day-to-day life.

That’s it from here. So let’s take few deep breaths together. I’ll show you these scenes, and let’s take a few deep breaths. Look. Look at that. So just take a nice, deep breath in and let it out. Consciously allow your jaw to relax. Just let it go. Just let your shoulders drop down. Listen to the sound of the waves lapping. And let yourself relax. Give yourself permission to drop down into that peaceful state of mind. And just observe your thoughts. Don’t be your thoughts, don’t think your thoughts, but instead become the watcher of the you that thinks the thoughts. Deep breath. And just let it out. With every breath, just getting deeper and deeper. More and more relaxed. Soaking up the natural beauty.

There, don’t you feel better already? Peace out, bye.

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