Weeding and Seeding for Success & Happiness

Weeding and Seeding for Success & Happiness

Just like a garden your mind needs regular maintenance. You must regularly weed out the stinking thinking, prune the dead wood, and plant the seeds of your desires with positive thoughts to cheer you on with kindness and love.

Do you know how to do this?

Do you have strategies to weed out the thoughts and emotions that are stuck, overgrown and not serving you? Do you know how to dig out those thorny bushes with deep roots? To cut the dead wood from plants that have gone a little wayward?

How to till your garden to make it ripe for the new growth?

And when you have space and calmness…

Do you know how to plant the seeds of your future success?

To plant thoughts of compassion, love and creativity to flourish and grow…

Your mind needs a tune up,  a good weeding, pruning and seeding to feel and work its best, to support you to have the kind of life and experiences that you want. To serve you to give your very best to the world.

If you’re struggling in any aspect of your life, or all through it, then this is what you need more than anything else. You need someone to teach you how to make mental changes. – It is a skill that can be learnt – and to hold you accountable to to do it from a place of compassionate support.

You do not need to lose weight, or earn more money, or have more motivation, or have nicer clothes, a better relationship… those are only some of the symptoms of having an unruly mind that is full of weeds.  Do not focus on the symptoms, go right back to the cause and weed your mind.


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When you regularly weed and seed your mind all of those other symptoms will disappear, and in its place will be a sense of calmness, peace and order, an inner compass that will guide you easily through lives challenges and storms.

And all of the “good stuff” will begin to show up in your life.. Great relationships, great health, joyful passionate service, time freedom, abundant wealth, stylish clothes, etc…

Are you investing in yourself? Are you investing in your mind? Your mind is your greatest asset. ( If you’re reading this then you probably already know that) but it’s easy to get caught up in the surface stuff, the hustle and bustle of daily life.

When you’re stuck up inside your to-do list, you never dig down to the big questions.

How are YOU going? Do you need some help gardening?

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