Weight Loss & Behaviour Change

Weight Loss & Behaviour Change

Lasting Weight Loss is about behaviour change.

Learn how to do it and make it stick.

Today I want to talk to you about behavior change.

Often when we’re going on a big weight loss transformation, we try to change everything at once, like change my whole diet, go to the gym, start exercising everyday, meditate in the morning, go to sleep at night early, not watch TV, be nice to my kids – all these transformations all at once. Of course, we can maybe do it for a couple of days, and then it falls in a heap, and we go back to the Cadbury’s, or the ice cream, or whatever it was that has been our little savior in the past.

What I would suggest when you’re trying to make a change to your behavior – and it seems like it’s counterintuitive – when I want to make a big change, I’ve got to do a big change. But I would love to encourage you to pick one small thing that you can change. Just one thing. Maybe breakfast. If you’re not eating a healthy breakfast, just change your breakfast. Change nothing else but breakfast. Or if you don’t take fish oil supplements, take some fish oil. That’s been proven to help with your brain function, your mood, and with fat loss as well.

Just one small change. Make it so small that you’re like, “Heck yeah! Of course I can do that!” And make it so small that you feel so easy and so unhurried and so powerful and strong about making that change and that you can totally do it. Because then, when you do that and you reinforce that self-belief that “Hey, I can do this. I’ve set this task for myself and I did it,” then it reinforces your self-belief and helps you to move forward with positivity rather than setting yourself this giant mountain to climb and stumbling at the first step.

So set a very small task, take that first step, and once you’ve achieved that goal, then set another small goal. And with lots and lots of small goals, you can transform your life.

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