Weight Loss Myth-Busting with Kylie & Bianca

Weight Loss Myth-Busting with Kylie & Bianca

Do you struggle inside this weight loss world?

  1. Some food is good and some food is BAD!

  2. If I want to lose weight I need more willpower.

  3. When I lose weight I will be happy

If so, then you must listen to this interview that I did with my dear friend Bianca Aiono.

Bianca & I could talk all day weight loss myth busting.

We are so passionate about liberating women from the prisons they are trapped in  …inside their own minds.

Because we’ve both been inside those prisons ourselves.

Between the two of us we’ve got about 20 years personally and professionally creating weight loss success with thousands of clients.  At the height of her figure competition career, Bianca knew everything about dieting, and fat-loss, but she needed help with the other side, the times when she wasn’t on a diet, when pizza and chocolate came calling. Luckily Bianca found me about 5 years ago, and I was able to help her find the answer she was looking for, which she now helps her own clients with in her Gain Life Lose Weight Re-school & Mastery Programs.


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Bianca & I bust the 3 biggest weight loss myths that keep you fighting your body and sabotaging your weight loss in this hour long audio interview. Listen to it now.



Download Transcript Here

to learn more about Bianca’s programs go here.

to discover about NLP Certification & Coach Mentoring with Kylie go here.




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