From Weight Loss to Weightless.

From Weight Loss to Weightless.

My dearest ladies,

I have been evolving at a rapid rate over the past few years, I’m sure you have been too.

We are all on an ascending spiritual journey towards wholeness.

Whether you can articulate it or not, we are all on an ascending spiritual journey towards wholeness. This is not always easy, or comfortable, yet it is always worth it.

I need to let you know explicitly that the core purpose of my writing, courses and events is now to help you to WAKE UP and EMBODY your HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

I will no longer be talking about weight loss as a primary goal of my work.

This is a small yet profound change, as embodying your higher consciousness, will help you to make more empowered decisions about your body and will lead to a more loving relationship with your body.

If the idea of waking up your consciousness does not appeal to you, if your primary goal and thought right now is “I need to lose weight” you might not be ready to come with me on this ride. 

That is perfectly ok, and I send you my deepest love and sincere thanks for coming with me this far.

You can find so many resources in my blog archives that will help you and I would highly recommend you to explore the work of my dear friends and colleagues Bianca Aiono, and Brittany Watkins who do phenomenal work around weight loss and emotional eating, both have wonderful courses, blogs, and programs that deal with transforming your physical body with self-love, care and compassion.

I will be teaching you how to become WEIGHTLESS…

To feel FREE, WHOLE, LIGHT, filled with JOY, and RADIANCE.

This is possible at any size or shape.

I will be writing more about Archetypes, Chakras, your Soul, the journey into Divine Guidance, God, The Universe,  Ascension, Human Evolution, Epi-Genetics, Energy Healing, and Spiritual Evolution, this deep and crazy stuff will be balanced with my deep understanding and analysis of Mindset, Psychology and the Patterns that show up in our lives. I will be sorting the sense from the nonsense (and there is a lot of nonsense and misinformation in this field). And of course delivering it in a way that gives you highly practical, actionable steps and strategies to help you in your life right now, at work, at home, with your children, and of course within your own relationship with your body.

I have done deep research, training and personal evolution in this field for the last 5 years and am bursting to share this work with you more openly. The time has come.

I will be offering a new program soon called the Weightless Woman… There will be an online program and retreats that go deep into this transformational journey into the Self.

For now, read this poem  I wrote and see if you’re ready to come with me…

The weightless woman.

The weightless woman is free.

The weightless woman has endured judgement of her body and physical form for thousands of years,
she has judged herself, and now conquered and released that judgement with love.

She will not be shamed for who or what she is,
and has evolved beyond self-hate, religious dogma and self-criticism.

The weightless woman knows her worth is not measured in cm’s, inches, kgs or pounds,

Her worth is beyond measure in any form. It is Divine.

The weightless woman loves every cell in her glorious body,
she loves the stretch marks, dimples and wrinkles they tell the story of her life.

The weightless woman is a paradox.

She has mastered her physical form, she glows with health and happiness,
nd yet she knows she is not her physical body.

She does not buy into beauty marketing that makes her feel less-than,
and she still loves to dress up and make an effort to BE her full beauty.

She loves and fully accepts her body as it is,
and she still loves to train, run, and see how fit and healthy she can get.

She has mastered the art of forgiveness and compassion,
and can still clearly set her boundaries and ask for her needs to be met.

She knows that BEing her full potential is her only true mission, and that endless DOing is an illusion that keeps her trapped. And yet, she thrives in the moment of active creation and does not stagnate in dreaming & fantasy.

She weightless woman shines.

The weightless woman takes massive action towards her dreams,
she disregards the voices of fear and doubt, from within and without.

The weightless woman shines with an other-worldly glow.

She embodies the permission to be your full potential self,
and through her BEING, she activates everyone around her.

The weightless woman is joyful and playful.

She can find and breathe in the joy of a weary late night cuddle with a sick child,
as much as a luxurious holiday or a breathtaking success.

The weightless woman is Divine.

The weightless woman is the Divine Feminine incarnate.  She is Venus, Kali, Persephone, Aphrodite, Mother Mary, & Magdalene, the Goddess, Mother, Virgin, and Lover, the thousand faces of Woman in all her glorious forms.

She can call on these aspects of her nature at will.

She knows the strength of vulnerability. And the vulnerability of strength.

She can lean back into the Divine Masculine, to be cared for and surrender with faith.

She can trust, she can surrender.

The weightless woman knows her creative power is limitless,
that in the moment of pleasure and surrender she becomes the vessel for Life itself.

Are you ready to become WEIGHTLESS??

Join me here in this free group, where we can share more openly with each other.
I have a special video message waiting for you…

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