Weight & Money: How to stop the pattern of debt & fat.

Weight & Money: How to stop the pattern of debt & fat.

Weight and money. The two numbers by which standard Western Society measures success.

Trash magazines idolise celebrities who seem to hold up “rich & skinny” as the ultimate of success and freedom. (Simultaneously tearing down anyone who doesn’t meet the criteria) A study has shown that due to this idolisation of “skinny women”, slim women earn more than their normal sized or overweight peers. Even in the land of mere mortals, we all seem to want one number to go down while the other goes up. But what if you can’t get them to go in the right direction? What if you’re struggling with debt and fat, you know what you need to do but still can’t seem to break your cycle of behaviour?

It may seem like a revelation to know that these two numbers are connected. The same deep unconscious patterning that affects one, will often affect the other too.

Who’s ever put on a few kilos and then gone and bought some expensive shoes or a handbag to feel better, telling yourself it’s an “investment” and saying something like “at least that will still fit”. Or who’s ever lost some money in business or with a big bill and consoled themselves with a drink and some chocolate or chips. I know I have done both!

That’s not to say that there aren’t slim, healthy people who are also broke, or super wealthy ladies carrying a few extra kilos. You can learn to get good at one, while still not knowing how to work out the other.


Overloaded meanings.

Often people will struggle with a plateau of how much they can earn or keep in their account, and how much they can happily weigh, because we use numbers to easily measure both. Whenever you can put a number measurement on something, we have a way of making meaning out of those numbers and creating more complexity than we need to. We put limitations on ourselves inside our mind that curbs our possibilities and creates  glass ceilings. Just like a thermostat, we keep ourselves stuck within a comfortable range, never fully realising our potential. Sometimes we’ll allow ourselves success with one, but not both.

Do any of these sound familiar? “Who am I to earn that much?”, “I couldn’t possibly be slim like her, I’m just big-boned”, “I couldn’t be rich and slim and pretty, nobody would like me anymore…”


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Self-worth is the basis for both.

The deep programming that affects your results and success in both is your self-concept and self-worth.

When you have a concept of yourself as capable, worthy and successful you open yourself to a possibility of success both in your health and wealth. You are less likely to overeat or overspend to comfort feelings of unworthiness.

On the other hand, if you are feeling less-than, if you constantly put yourself down, say you’re not good enough, and listen to your inner critic, you will be much more likely to blow your money on unnecessary things, and choose instant, easy comfort food over putting the effort into creating long term health. These patterns of behaviour fit inside the instant gratification cycle, that spirals you downwards away from what you want, as you constantly focus, and fret about what you DON’T WANT: Debt and fat.


How to break out of the cycle.

If you’re struggling with your wallet, waistline or both, the only way to break the cycle is to begin to shift your focus towards what you do want – health & wealth, and then do the inner work of shifting your self-belief & self-worth. When you learn how to turn down the inner critic voice and turn up your inner cheerleader, you begin to focus on what you can do now to improve. When you release your past patterns, and stories of limitation from your past, you free yourself to create an empowering future.

When you are focussed towards your ideal future, then you begin to think in terms of possibility, and can create a tangible goal that you are creating through your daily actions. when you have an inspiring towards goal then you are more likely to choose to delay your gratification for a greater, future goal. You can choose to save for a rainy day instead of buying more shoes, or you can choose to go home and cook a healthy meal instead of buying greasy takeout, and you’re happy to do it, because the behaviour is an expression of self-love and self-care, and you know you’re worth it!


If you’d like to learn how you can change your internal weight & money thermostat, release the old limitations and create your potential for wealth & slimness, talk to us today. 

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