Weight Loss: Are you WEIGHTING your life away?

Weight Loss: Are you WEIGHTING your life away?

Did you know that your physical weight could be causing you to wait & miss opportunities to live your dream life?

A while ago I attended a seminar with Caroline Myss, incredible author, medical intuitive and spiritual teacher.

One of the simple and profound things she said that really stuck with me was how physical weight is related to waiting.

Weight = Wait

We can see the surface relationship all the time.

Women tell me: “I don’t go to the beach, I couldn’t possibly put on a swimsuit!”, “I was having a fat day, so I just didn’t go out.”

But the correlation goes deeper than just not doing things that you want to do because you’re feeling overweight and you have nothing to wear, or are embarrassed to be seen.

How so?   

Caroline, similar to my own teachings related that physical weight is simply a SYMPTOM and reflection of excess spiritual, emotional and mental weight. Energetic weight. This kind of weight cannot be seen with the naked eye, but can be felt in the heart and with our intuitive senses.

She drew a little drawing relating how small and large traumas over our lifetimes accumulate as energetic weight inside our chakra centres; these became like anchors holding us in a stuck patterns of thinking and behaving.


The frequency of the trauma is like an energy button inside us, and whenever it gets triggered by a similar situation, place, person, thing, or event, we are unconsciously behave according to the age the pattern was created.

Have you ever found yourself acting like a child around your adult siblings?

Or become a moody teenager with a co-worker?

Ever given your partner the “silent treatment” like you might have observed adults around you when you were a child?          

She said that she had observed that the more energetic weight she saw in a person, the more they WAITED when presented with opportunities to rise and move toward their goals and dreams.

Opportunities abound for you to fulfill your dreams.

All the time, all around us are opportunities for us to fulfill our dreams and accomplish our goals.

Those with less energetic traumas weighing them down, are more able to be light, nimble and move fast when those opportunities come by, so they seem to get more done and achieve their goals, and have an easier life.

Those who are weighed down with their past energetic weight, literally have to carry their emotional baggage with them, and overcome their old unconscious programming each time they want to move forward, so acting on an opportunity becomes a much slower and more painful process.

Caroline is an expert in the chakra system, the energy centres in our body.  Her book Anatomy of the Spirit is excellent.

Different traumas live in different energy centres in the body.

You might not know that different types of traumas live in different centres of the body.

For example, an experience of struggle with money is an energetic pattern of beliefs that lives in the second or sacral chakra, in the area of the body around the pelvic bowl, also related to the sex organs, lumbar spine and adrenals.

Back trouble, money problems, and fatigue anyone?

An issue with not feeling heard, or holding back from speaking your truth, is a 5th chakra – throat issue, which also relates to your metabolic function and thyroid.

Having trouble with energy, weight loss and feel misunderstood, or invisible?

If you have traumatic energy “anchors” in your body, when those situations and opportunities show up, instead of taking action, you wait, and boom, the opportunity is gone… And then that event becomes another memory reinforcing your disempowering belief that you can’t earn what you want, or aren’t good enough, or that nobody listens to you.

And how does this relate to being physically overweight?

It’s two-fold.

Firstly, the energetic weight creates a pre-disposition in your hormones and bio-chemistry to hold weight in the areas that you’re “stuck”.  (Check Bruce Liptons work on epi-genetics for the science on this.)  And secondly, you create it through your disempowered, procrastinating “waiting” decisions.

Have you ever hit snooze, when you had planned to get up and go for a walk? Or bought take-out instead of cooking the healthy food in your fridge? Occasionally these kinds of decisions are not an issue, but when they are your repeated pattern of thinking, then it is a big problem.

So how do you lose energetic weight?

In order to truly shed the energetic weight on all levels of your being; (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) you need to learn about this, do the necessary self-inquiry to discover your core issues, and set your intention to clear the energy blockage, then practice mental control to act, even and especially when it is uncomfortable, when opportunities show up that move you forward to your goals.  I am creating a whole new syllabus of short courses this year combining Meta-Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis, Advanced Energy Healing  and Consciousness Activation that will allow you to learn and master this. In order to keep in the loop when these get released, be sure to sign up to my newsletter, so you don’t miss out.

For now,  be aware and when an opportunity shows up to move you forward to your goals, don’t wait. Act!!

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