Weightless Woman Gets and Receives Help

Weightless Woman Gets and Receives Help


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Today’s video is about revealing the truths of a Weightless Woman. This is Kylie Ryan, and today it’s about receiving help.


A Weightless Woman asks for, gets, and receives help.

A Weightless Woman doesn’t try to do it all herself. She is totally over that idea that a woman needs to keep the house clean and make a perfect dinner and run a huge company and have dinner on the table at seven and also have a smoking hot body and have a beautiful blow dry and perfect fingernails, which I don’t. So it’s not about having all of the things and doing all of the things yourself.

A Weightless Woman knows that in order to create success, you need a team, a team of people. A Weightless Woman is about receiving help, and so I’m working through with the ladies who are doing my emotional aiding mastery course right now. We’re working through some of the stories and some of the triggers that are causing them to overeat, and causing them to kind of eat and eat and eat at the end of the day. And the key thing that causes people to overeat and kind of blow out at the end of the day is this feeling of exhaustion, and like I’ve been doing it all and it’s really hard, and life is, you know, it’s so tough and I’m exhausted. And the reason why people get exhausted and feel like life is so tough is because they’re trying to do it all themselves! They’re trying to do everything all by themselves.

And so a Weightless Woman knows how to build her team. And over the last 10 years or so, I’ve been slowly and steadily building my team in all areas of my life, my support team. And so, you know, you can build a support team, too.


You don’t need to be running your own business to build a support team.

My next task is to get someone to help me around the house. So I’m getting someone, I’m gonna hire someone on Airtasker to help me around the house. But I’ve got six staff that work for me part-time to help me run my business. I just couldn’t do it if I didn’t have this team that helps and supports me to actually do what I do and serve you guys. I just couldn’t do it because I’ve got two kids, two young children, and I only get to work two and a half days a week. I just couldn’t do it if I didn’t have that support. And so a Weightless Woman who builds a life by design, that serves her, and that makes her happy, allows herself to be supported and knows that she’s not always the best person to do every single thing.

I was talking about this with the beautiful Alex Stuart for my Mama Glow interviews, and she said that she loves having a cleaner who supports her in keeping her house clean and tidy, and that she’s not the best person to do that job. And she said a beautiful thing, it’s so awesome.

If you have the privilege of having been educated and are able to through your education and your skills, able to earn more than $30 an hour doing whatever it is that you’re doing, then you have a responsibility to pass on and give that job of your cleaning to someone who maybe didn’t have that opportunity. And so she has her cleaner that she can pass on those jobs to, and so she can go and earn more money with that time that she would otherwise have been cleaning her house, and she can give a really great job and some support and encouragement and mentorship to someone who is kind of coming up the ladder and who is, like finding their education along the way.

So a Weightless Woman knows that it takes a team to create success, and is happy to build that team and receive support along the way. So post down below, who do you need next or your support team? Who do you need next on your support team? And I know my support team person is going to be like a housekeeper, general admin person that I am going to be looking for, and you know, it doesn’t need to cost a lot of money.

I know some of you might be saying, “Well, that’s alright for you, you can pay for it and you’ve got a business to do that.” And it doesn’t necessarily need to cost a fortune. You could be doing swaps with other people in the community, that you can help them with something that is your expertise, and they can help you with something that is their expertise. Or if you can manage to get a little bit of money that you might otherwise have spent on other things that you can reclaim that time, that you can then spend on things that are more important to you, and start to earn more money by being able to do those things that are within your expertise rather than trying to do those more low expertise jobs that other people can do.


A Weightless Woman allows herself to be supported, builds her support team, and really receives that support.

And sometimes you can receive support from family and friends as well. So many women out there I see struggling through things, and people are offering them support, and offering to help, and they’re just not even, they’re like, “Oh no, I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine,” and not receiving the support that they are offered. So if someone offers to support you and offers to help you and you need the support, say yes! Say yes and receive that support, and look for ways that you can build your own support team because then when you build yourself up, then you can more effectively help others.

That’s it for today. Let me know what you think, and who is your next support person that you’re going to build in your team? Post it in the comments below.


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