A Weightless Woman Gives Back to Herself

A Weightless Woman Gives Back to Herself

Hey there, ladies!
Kylie Ryan sharing the truth of a weightless woman.
Now today, I’ve come back from an amazing massage. I wanted to share with you about how a weightless woman gives herself permission to enjoy and give back to herself without guilt.
So my kids are playing in the pool with my husband, his parents, and cousins, they’re having fun, they’re happy, and I am having some time for myself.
I almost wasn’t gonna have it. We had a beautiful lunch. Then I went, “Oh, I feel like a massage.” And I said it to my husband and he said, “Go, go have a massage.” And that’s because when he wants to do something that’s filling up his cup, I always say, “Yes, go and do it, go and do it. Fill up your cup.” Because it makes us both so much happier when we have time for ourselves to give back to ourselves.
So I wonder where in your life could you help your partner give back to themselves if you’re in a relationship? Where can you give yourself permission to give back to yourself without resentment? Without bitterness and without guilt?
Help someone in your life, your friend, your partner, your spouse to give back to themselves and look after themselves and do what makes them feel good. And find those things that help you feel good and fill up your cup too.

Comment below, I would love to hear what makes your cup fill up to the bream and over flow!

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