Weightless Woman Has Got Skillz

Weightless Woman Has Got Skillz

Hi there, everybody! It’s Kylie Ryan, revealing the truths of a weightless woman. And today’s video is about skills.

A weightless woman has skills. She has skills in knowing her mindset and has strategies to be able to deal with and handle the day to day situations and emotions that she faces from moment to moment.

Actually, a few hours ago, I had a whole bunch of things just swimming around in my head and was feeling a tad overwhelmed. It doesn’t happen very often that I feel overwhelmed, but today was the day. And so I took out my trusty overwhelm skill. I’m gonna share it with you today. It’s super easy. It’s simply just writing down every single thing that is in your head, getting it out onto a pad of paper.

The reason that you need to do this, get it out of your head, is because your unconscious mind is actually holding on to all of these different things and kind of reminding you, going, “What about this, and what about this, and remember you have to do that, and what about that and what about this?” And constantly kind of nagging at you and harassing you to remind you to do the things that you think you should be doing.

In NLP, we know that our mind can only handle about five to nine chunks of information at a time. So if you’re trying to hold more than five to nine chunks of information at a time, with a list as long as your arm of things you need to do, then you are going to really struggle and feel overwhelmed, and be more likely to try to escape through mindless Facebook, or go and get up and eat a cookie, go for some online shopping, to try to escape that feeling of overwhelm. Or, you’ll distract yourself with some kind of busy work so that you can feel like you’re doing something, but you’re not actually moving the needle on anything that’s actually important. And so this can create even more overwhelm and become a never-ending spiral of horribleness.

What you need to do if you’re feeling overwhelmed is get out a blank pad of paper and just start writing down every single thing that is on your mind, whether it’s work-related, business-related, home-related. If you think you need to fix the sink or do your car registration or finish that work project or send that email, whatever is on your mind, write it all down so that your unconscious mind knows it’s there, that it doesn’t have to keep reminding you that you’ve got this pad of paper where all of those things are written down.

Once you’ve got all of those things out of your head, then you can start to categorize them. Once they’re out and on that paper, they’re separate from you. Then you’ve got some distance between you and the things that you’re telling yourself you need to be constantly doing. Once you have that space, then you can take an observer role and start to categorize, sort, delete, and organize those thoughts into themes so that you can chunk them into the correct number of chunks of things, so that you can handle it in your mind all at once.

So then you go through and kind of re-write your list, just like I did there. Re-write your list with theme headings and organizing all of your to-dos and all of the things that you want to do under certain organization chunks. And then ask yourself: “Do I really need to be doing all this? Am I doing this just to impress somebody or trying to live up to someone else’s standards? Is this something that is really important to me to do? Is this something that I actually want to do? Does it fit with my values and my priorities and what is important and most authentic to me to be doing?” So checking in with yourself, because you might just be able to go ahead and delete a whole bunch of things that just aren’t important to you. And then, going through and saying, “Do I need to be doing all of these things? If it needs to be done, am I the best person to do it?”

And so you want to delegate everything on that list that you possibly can to get it off your plate. Whether you’re delegating it to someone who you’re paying to do that, like on Airtasker or Upwork, getting someone virtually or within your local community to do certain tasks to just get them off your plate. If you’re really overwhelmed and overworked, then getting other people to do things is really important. And then going through and prioritizing those remaining things and starting to take action on the very top priority. What do you need to focus on right now, and to the exclusion of all else, just focus on that one thing until you can get it done or at least move a significant amount forward and make some really good action and make some really good progress.

So that is my strategy for dealing with overwhelm. I used it this morning, it really works. And I’ve used it many times throughout my life.

A weightless woman has mindset skills. A weightless woman has skills to be able to deal with the obstacles and challenges that get thrown in just a normal daily life. And one way that you can learn those mindset skills is by joining me for the Mindset Mastery NLP training that I am opening up enrollment for in November, early bird enrollment for our second 2017 class. This is a year long mentoring class where you get an NLP certification and learn an incredible amount of mindset skills that you can use to master your own life, for your own personal development as a coach, parent, leader, teacher, or to become a professional coach, either as a health coach or business coach or a life coach. This will give you the skills that you need, and we work together very closely over the whole year and get together for four live events and have weekly catch-ups by webinar and certain lessons and things that you do. So I’m opening up that course soon.

If you are interested, definitely send a message through this page or PM me and we can talk about the details and I can fill you in a little bit more on how you can skill up your mind to master your life. Thanks, guys. I will talk to you soon. Bye.

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