The Weightless Woman Rises

The Weightless Woman Rises

There is something very exciting happening for women across the globe.  Women are rising. Women are speaking up. And women are coming home to their bodies…

As women all across the globe reclaim and realise their power old traumas and  limitations are being shed.  The Weightless Woman is rising, and as she rises, the old energetic, physical and spiritual weight is being shed. It is time.

Right now in the collective consciousness there is a purging of sexual trauma through awareness, communication and consciously making a stand to say that physical objectification and abuse are #notokay. The threads of what has been happeningh over the last month in the media go very deep and will have a profound effect on the world. Let me draw them together for you.

A woman’s ability to feel safe in her body is one of the most base Human needs from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – Physical Safety and Survival. Feeling unsafe, due to trauma or objectification destabilises you in ways that are difficult to quantify, profound and far reaching.

And when a woman feels unsafe in her body and is under stress, a typical survival response is to protect it with extra food, hiding, and not speaking up (fight, flight or freeze response). I’m sure nearly every woman on the planet has felt that moment when someone says something in appropriate and you are so shocked that you are unable to speak.

The thing is, there is a shift happening in the balance of masculine and feminine power on the planet. It is beginning to equalise, after thousands of years of being imbalanced through a basic misunderstanding of the electrical charge of a woman’s soul. A woman’s soul is negatively charged and is primed for manifestation through receiving and drawing in, nurturing and holding energy, and a man’s soul is electrically charged and primed for action and giving out energy.

This negative charge was misunderstood as being “bad” and was a key part of the Fall of Women Complex and the start of the Male/ Female Rift. (More to come on those massive concepts in future blogs) Now this ancient distortion is healing. This is how it’s showing up.

For the first time, a woman is running for President of the US. Women are the largest group starting new, home-based businesses. There are uprisings of female power all around the globe.

And in the US and across the world media this caricature of consciousness – Donald Trump is activating women around the world to say “No!”, “No more!” How could you miss those hideous comments about “grabbing a woman by their pussy”? and how because he was “famous, they let you do it”. This is the personification of male abuse of power.

This bragging about his violation of women has sparked an outpouring of women sharing their stories of incidents like this across twitter. 9.7 million women so far have shared their stories of feeling unsafe in their bodies.

Often when a woman or a young girl is violated in this way, she often freezes, and never tells a soul about her abuse. This places huge amounts of trauma all through this woman’s chakra system that basically stunts her ability to draw and hold her energy, and her ability to manifest her thoughts in action. Your chakra system is the key to your ability to create a life that you love.

The incredible speech by Michelle Obama about how affronted and affected she was that someone could run for Presidency of the US without showing basic human decency, was so moving.

The healing is happening in speaking about the trauma, activating the woman’s throat chakra, to voice her story, her 3rd, solar plexus in the decision to say #notokay, and the heart in finally being acknowledged, honoured and heard, by the community. This allows her 2nd and first chakras the space to heal. 2nd chakra is the key to giving and receiving pleasure, money, sexual desire, and the ability to create, hold and birth an idea or a baby into the world.

The first relates to your ability to feel grounded, stable and safe in your body.

It is time for women to come home to their bodies, back inside their skin and reclaim the power that has been taken and given away.

This is how it matters to you and your journey to becoming weightless.  Your ability to feel weightless, and release physical weight relates directly to your ability to hold, transform and receive energy. When trauma and energy blocks get stuck inside your body, you are more likely to hold that trauma and toxicity in your fat cells for protection.

Geneen Roth wrote a beautiful post about this on her Facebook page and I quote here…

“I am still in the conversation about women and our bodies….It’s good to tell the truth. It’s important to take fa stand. And…to keep coming home to these bodies, to live in them, to honor them.

To take up the actual space you’ve been given, all the way to the ends of you fingers, your toes. As I reflect on these past few remarkable weeks and the outpouring of stories and horror about those stories, I think (because I can’t help but think this, after decades of working with myself and tens of thousands of women who are not living in their bodies, who escape them and do it most often by using food to numb or protect themselves because who doesn’t want to flee from the source of pain) about the woman in the Kripalu workshop last week who said, “But why? Why should I sense my body? Why should I be aware of what it’s like from the inside? It’s not somewhere I want to go. It’s not somewhere I want to be.”

And I understand that because I felt the same way for so long. And even now, it sometimes takes a conscious effort to come home to myself, to my arms, to my legs. If there is anything that these past few weeks have shown, it’s that most of us, probably almost all of us, have encountered and suffered some kind of sexual objectification—from catcalls to overt abuse—and there are, therefore, good reasons why we don’t want to inhabit the very same body that receives these assaults. But that’s letting abuse/assault win.

And speaking for myself, after so many instances of being on the receiving end of both overt and covert unwanted sexual attention, it was a hard journey back into this body. It was challenging, sometimes fraught—and easy to feel hopeless, to give up and live in my mind.

But here, now, is the chance. Even as you read this, ask yourself if you can honor your legs that have carried you, your arms that have lifted your children, your very body that has given birth and sustained them.

The fact that it is your body and the breath that comes through it that allows you to be above ground for another dawn, another sunset. Speak up and honor your courage, your persistence, your refusal to give up. Speak up but don’t forget to go in to these legs, these hearts, these hands. Yours to live in. Yours to honor.

I remind myself of this many times a day. Do it with me, now. Come home.”  – Geneen Roth

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