What do your clothes say about you?

What do your clothes say about you?

Recently I have been exploring the idea that the things around you are symbols of your identity. Your handbag, your jeans, your lipstick, your trainers, your gym bag, your tights, your sports bra are all symbols of how you think of yourself and represent yourself to the world.

What do your clothes say about how you think of yourself?

It made me think of how in our Western Society we throw away clothes long before they are worn out and buy new ones that we don’t need as entertainment. Why do we do this? We could talk of “wanton consumerism”, how less is more, the environmental impact, and say that we shouldn’t buy new things… (which are all important discussions), but what I’m more interested in today is WHY we want to buy new things when we have other ones that would suffice.

The why is where the driving force lies, and the more I think of it, the more I am happy to upgrade my things.

As you evolve, so do your things.

What partially drives your buying purchases at the unconscious level is your evolving identity. As your identity evolves, so does your inner self-image, and thus how you represent that in your clothes and style.

I know that I would not feel like “me” if I were wearing my high-school uniform from 1998. I would not feel like me if I were wearing some things from my first round of Maternity clothes, yet there are other tops, jeans and shoes that I have had for 10 years or more and every time I put them on they feel like an old friend. Those pieces still accurately represent who I am, and I will be sad to see them go when they finally do wear out. It’s interesting that those things I still love are often pieces that were really a stretch to invest in at the time and were an example of my upgrading myself then.


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Buying the best workout gear you can afford.

Recently I upgraded a few of my workout clothes and really enjoyed the process, I’ve got a couple of bright as bright new yoga/all-day-wear tights, and some super-tech athletic SKINS for when I go running. I love the way the colourful tights make me feel bright, sunny, fashionable even if I’m working from home, and they make it easy to slip in a quick yoga stretch or two throughout the day as well, and make it easy to run around and play with my kids too.  I also love the way my SKINS compression tights make me feel like an athlete, and really do help with recovery for sore muscles. When I wear these new fancy tights I feel luxe, like I’m flying first class.

Denise DT of Lucky Bitch talks about slowly upgrading those things in your life that you want to, to first-class. When I buy the very best of an item, I am flying first class. I may not be able to afford to (or choose to) fly first class when I fly, but I exercise 3-5 times a week, and because I work from home, I often end up wearing my gym clothes all day,  so investing in gym gear that makes me feel awesome is well worth the cost.

If you’re exercising regularly, (ahem, I hope so) I would encourage you to slowly upgrade to the very best gear you can afford, and enjoy the process of buying something that really reflects who you are. It is an investment in feeling good about yourself while you train, and can have bonus athletic performance benefits too.

Throw out your fat clothes!

Often when you are losing weight, you will wear old clothes that do not fit anymore, that are nearly falling down around your ankles, and keep daggy old fat clothes in case you “blow out” again. Don’t do it!! If you love an item, take it to the tailor to get it taken in as you shrink down, or invest in a few key pieces that make you feel fabulous as your body slims down. Give your old fat clothes to charity, or exchange them with someone at a clothes exchange. You deserve to feel great in your clothes, and the investment in looking good will pay off in your confidence and self-esteem through the day.

Review Post Full Disclosure:

I have been sent a new SKINS outfit for review, however I had the idea for this blog post anyway, and do have a pair of SKINS that I bought a few years ago and love dearly and have well worn them in! Thanks SKINS for the new kit! Please be assured I would never post about anything I did not genuinely believe in, and will always disclose when I have received an item for review.

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  1. My clothes say 'im poor and cant afford the clothes i really want!' Hahaha

  2. I wear gym clothes 5 days a week as I train and am also a PT so have to look the part. I used to wear cheaper brands but now I need to know that they are going to last and still look great after being washed over and over again… So I am a Lorna Jane girl.

    • Exactly Sue, It’s wonderful to be able to invest in quality and know that it will last many washes and wears, (without showing your undies when you do a squat! 😉

  3. Hi. I believe that you can look good in what ever clothes you can afford. I realised that hanging on to clothes and I took the huge step this year and took my very big good clothes size 22, 24 and 26 including trousers and jackets to Fitted for Work which allows other women wanting to get back in to work the opportunity of looking presentable for job interviews. Even now my new jeans that I only brought in the last six months are getting too lose however not enough to get the next size down. I am now between a size 16 and 18. I think listening to Helen Robinett helped the to change about the way I looked and thought about my self. She challenged me to get some body shapewear to smooth the lumps and bumps. The biggest decision was to find a good hairdresser and trust him enough to let him have carte Blanche with my hair. The change was truly transforming. Yes I travel for my hairdresser, all the way to Bathurst.

    Her challenge in hairstyling was what does your hair say about you? Are you stuck with an older style and what does say about you to an employer? So I changed my hairstyle and I felt positive. So if you can’t afford new clothes then start on smaller manageable changes you can. Even now I will wear lipstick which is something I would never do before, even wearing red. There are more colours other black and navy blue. Celebrate the changing you. You are vibrant and you are worth it

    • I LOVE watching your transformation Chris, you are a shining example of how when someone uses these incredible tools, magic happens… Thank you for your endless support and encouragement for other ladies too. xx

  4. I love this post Kylie! I could’t agree more. A gorgeous pair of bright & fun tights are a must. I’ve been guilty of holding onto the “fat clothes” in the past. I used my recent move to let go of those items – inspired by your post in Ambodhi. Love ya babe!

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