What if ONE HABIT could change it all?

What if ONE HABIT could change it all?

Are you stressed?

Have you found yourself reading a Facebook feed while out at the park with your kids?   Checking emails while you’re stopped at traffic lights?

Do you get to the end of the day and have 35 different windows and tabs open on your computer browser and feel like you haven’t achieved anything… because everything is only half-done?

Do you jump from diet to diet, alternating a few days of frenzied “perfection” of making your own organic, whole-food and exercising at 5am, with the “stuff it” cycle of chips, pizza, chocolate wine and mind-numbing TV?

Do you feel a lingering chronic tiredness that you can’t shake with a sleep in?

Are you exhausted from your inner critic?

Do you feel like you’ll never “get there” ?

In our fast-paced world of to-do’s and deadlines, the pressure mounts to do more, more, ever MORE!
It lures us with the promise of achieving great things, of having more, being a “better” person, showing more drive, determination and grit, overcoming fear and getting it done!
It looks like we’re living the dream. No pain, no gain.

…but in fact we’re burning ourselves out, getting fatter and more stressed, yelling at our kids, and half-living 100 things without ever being fully present for any of them.

If we keep going on the path we’re on, we’re in trouble.


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I’m inviting you to make a CHANGE…

Take it down a gear, take the pressure off and permit yourself to COMMIT FULLY to doing JUST ONE THING.

The ONE HABIT CHALLENGE invites us to stop trying to do 1 hundred things half-assed, and do one simple thing to completion.

To embed this one behaviour so completely into our daily “normal”, that it becomes an unconscious habit, as easy as brushing your teeth, and getting dressed in the morning.
No willpower required.

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I know, I know, your inner perfection-loving extremist is saying, “but you’ll never get anywhere by just doing one thing…”

But this is a lie!

This is the great distortion that is slowly killing us and robbing us of our joy.

Imagine if you fully committed to just one small habit change and FOLLOWED THROUGH on it!

If you walked for 10 mins, every single day…

If you ate some kind of salad, every single day…

If you did 20 mins of yoga, every single day…

If you had a green smoothie every single day…

Instead of doing a complete diet poorly, do ONE THING superbly.

Imagine how that would feel, to know that you committed to yourself and showed up.

Are you up for the challenge of ditching the DIETS and perfectionism?

It might be as simple as eating a vegetable, getting outside for a 10 minute walk, drinking a glass of water before a cup of coffee. It’s meant to be simple, achievable and easy.

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One habit that moves your “normal” forward.

One habit to commit to fully.

One habit to build your self-belief.

One habit to RULE THEM ALL… (just kidding #nerd)
Just one, to breathe easy and enjoy the rest of your life.

Join us in the SLOW and permanent way to change your body and life, one step at a time.

Join the one habit challenge by choosing your simple, daily challenge and sticking to it for as long as it takes for it to become as easy as brushing your teeth.

Chronicle your journey with the hashtag #onehabitchallenge.

Join the movement.

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I would love to see you there, get your ticket now.
with love and gratitude,

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Let’s do this.

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