When did you last celebrate your progress?

When did you last celebrate your progress?

Are you so focused on your end goal that you are forgetting to enjoy the now?

Always thinking about the next bend.

Thinking about your goal is a really wonderful way to keep yourself motivated. However, if you’re only ever focused on the next goal or achievement, you are not taking the time to live in the present moment or look back and see how far you’ve come.

Discounting is demotivating.

Many women compare themselves to a mythical “perfect” future version of themselves or someone else and use it as a tool to beat themselves up for not matching up. They discount their own achievements and don’t allow themselves to feel good about what they’re doing now.

If you don’t ever take the time to enjoy your achievements as you achieve them, and feel good in the moment, you’re robbing yourself of a whole lot of motivation. Why bother working hard and going through pain to achieve stuff, if, when you achieve it, you never celebrate or allow yourself to feel good?

Comparing your behind the scenes to everyone else’s highlights?

If you’re comparing yourself to some other woman you know, you might think she’s got it all “together”, and what you’re doing just doesn’t measure up. However… You don’t know what’s going on inside her life! Everybody, I mean EVERYBODY in the whole world gets an equal balance of support and challenge in their lives, that’s the way the Universe works to maintain equilibrium; positive and negative in equal portions. ( I don’t know how it all balances out either. A little bit spooky, but true!) So, even if it seems perfect from the outside, you can be sure she’s got some challenges too.

Give yourself a break and celebrate your progress.

I’m sure you’ve already achieved a bunch of goals you set yourself and you haven’t really given yourself a pat on the back for it. You don’t need to throw a party, (although you might…) but you certainly can party in your head and heart, and give yourself a pat on the back when you achieve good things. Remember to count the little things as well! Eating a super healthy meal deserves a good feeling. Doing your exercise for the day deserves a good feeling. Hell, even doing a load of washing deserves a good feeling! You’re allowed to feel good for no good reason at all! Why go around making yourself feel shitty, when you can give yourself permission to feel good? Go on… You deserve it!


Why celebrating your progress is critical.

When you allow yourself to feel good as you achieve small goals, it creates a positive feedback loop, which will increase your motivation and help you to reach your goals faster. And from an energetic standpoint, you’re drawing your ultimate goal towards yourself because you’re allowing yourself to vibrate at the level you will when you’ve reached it.  When you and your goal vibrate on the same frequency, you become a magnet to magically manifest your ultimate goals! Yippee.

So, go ahead and feel good. Count all your achievements, great and small and have an awesome day, week, and year!

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  1. I definitely need to start taking a moment to apprciate how far along I have come. I keep looking into the future expecting more, wanting more. I really need to take a breather and just pause my thoughts. I need to soak the now.

    I’ve done some amazing things, started my blog, started my copywriting business. Pushing the fold. I’m quite amazing.

    Celebrate yourself.

    • AWESOME Nadia!! Yes, yes, yes!! Count your achievements. It will fuel you to do even more, and feels great. 🙂

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