Why clients don’t follow through

Why clients don’t follow through



Do you ever get frustrated as a coach when your clients pay you for a result and are talking to you about how much they want that result, and yet they don’t follow through on what you’re asking them to do?

They pay you the money, they get strategies, they say that they want the thing, they want to make a change in their life and they want a particular outcome… but then the minute that they’re not with you, they go back to their old habits. They don’t actually follow through on the coaching, the course, the programs, the strategies that you’re giving them.

It can be super frustrating as a new coach or a strategic coach when you have clients that don’t follow through.

Have you ever experienced that?

It can be really frustrating. And you can almost tear your hair out and feel like you want to kind of helicopter parent them to get them to follow through to get the results.

Yes, your client is responsible for their results… but if they’re not following through on the strategies that you’re teaching them, they’re not going to get the results. And then they’re probably going to blame you for not coaching them better, for not helping them to get those results.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

Or can you?

Sometimes you feel to blame because you’re giving them the strategies, but if they’re not following through then you feel awful about yourself, because you don’t want to take money and not give them the results.

When that happens, what can be going on is that they consciously want to get that result, but they have unconscious resistance. It’s like they’re trying to accelerate with the handbrake on.

What we need to do as coaches is first of all discover that they have some kind of unconscious resistance, they have some kind of internal handbrake that’s stopping them, and to be able to then help the client find that out. Because often they don’t know why they aren’t following through either. They’re just as frustrated with themselves as you might be.

And so, as a coach, as a supercoach that knows not just the strategies to get the results but also is skilled in mindset and inner world work, then you can ask some specific questions to start to get to the heart of what is causing that handbrake to be on, what are they afraid of if they get that result that’s causing to kind of backpedal.

Consciously they want it but somewhere inside there’s something that’s holding them back.

As a supercoach, we have the opportunity to raise up our skills, to raise up our awareness, to be able to coach our clients through those inner world blocks.

Some coaches say that clients are just uncoachable. They go, “Oh, I’ve got an uncoachable client. Yup, get rid of them, get a new one.”

But a supercoach knows that there are no uncoachable clients, there’s only unconscious resistance. There’s unconscious resistance inside that client.

So if they want to get that result and they’re putting the handbrake on internally, and they don’t even know why, then it’s your job as their coach to help them find out what’s going on and shift that resistance.

And that’s exactly some of the skills that I’m going to teach you how to do inside the SuperCoach Academy course.

If you want to find out more and go deeper into uncovering why clients don’t follow through and why some clients feel uncoachable, then jump on into the SuperCoach Society right now. I’m about to do an impromptu little masterclass on why clients don’t follow through and how to actually uncover what is that handbrake and help your client to see that as well.

Jump on into the SuperCoach Society. It’s where we marry the deep inner world mindset work and emotional work that helps them to actually follow through on the strategies that are going to get them the results.

If you want to be a supercoach and raise up your coaching skill to be able to deal with any client, then come join me in the SuperCoach Society.

See you soon.

Kylie x

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