Why I can’t teach just NLP anymore

Why I can’t teach just NLP anymore


Hey guys!

I am an NLP trainer. I have lived and breathed and loved NLP for 15 years since I first discovered it in 2004 – and I’ve been wrestling with the realization that I can never teach just NLP anymore.

I love and adore so so so much about NLP – the tools, and processes, and models, and ways of understanding and thinking I have embedded so much into my life and I am eternally grateful for.

I love sharing and teaching those things to other new coaches and intuitive healers who need some grounding to bring their intuitive magic into the world.

But I can never just teach NLP anymore without some other context and some other teachings.

And, driving back in the car from dropping my kids at gymnastics, I’ve just realized why.

I’ve been working on and developing this model of sovereign soul change and understanding and living in this as a sovereign soul.

I have been working on this for a really long time and I’m going to unveil it in the next
three weeks at at a live event in Sydney.

This is the foundation upon which I will be teaching my evolutionary quantum coach alliance that I’m working out the syllabus and the event dates for for next year. That is opening now and will be enrolling soon.

So, why?

Why am I never just teaching NLP anymore?

It is because NLP, in so many ways, is based on linear thinking. Even the the NLP formula is from present state to desired state

It’s based on moving from here, where you are, to some other thing in the future and clearing the interferences in the way, and using the resources to get to where you want to go.

And that’s amazing. It’s an incredible model and it’s helped me immensely through my life.

But we are now shifting.

We are phase shifting as a species on this planet into a quantum reality.

And in a quantum reality, the linear time model is not sufficient to support the quantum change that is now possible, that wasn’t possible before. With exceptions.

So now there is a capacity for humans to create quantum instantaneous miraculous change through an embodiment of their present moment.

It means that we don’t have to wait to get from the past into the ideal future and get over all these hurdles in the way. There is the possibility of instantaneous change.

And the NLP models I found insufficient to map and be able to track what needed to be tweaked, what needed to be worked on, in order to collapse the linear model into a cohesive multi-dimensional model that facilitates quantum shifts.

That’s what I’ve come up with. And it’s based on sacred geometry.

I’m super excited to teach it now as a context within which the other wonderful processes, and models, and systems from NLP can now sit and can facilitate these quantum changes as a part of a deeper evolutionary context .

Man, I’m excited to have that realization and understand now!

I was like, “Why have I been sitting on this model for so goddamn long?”

I’ve been waiting and wondering what’s the frame that I needed to understand. Even framing is a context that I learned from NLP.

Gosh, I love NLP so much. And I’m so excited to teach my next generation of NLP training certification within this quantum coach alliance – because the tools and the skills
that we can utilize, and the changes that we can facilitate with this quantum model, it’s just gonna be so exciting.

I can’t wait. I just can’t wait.

So if you’re in Sydney or you can get to Sydney in the next three weeks just before Christmas, on the 21st of December, on the Saturday in Sydney, I’m going to be running a small one-day event to teach this quantum change model, and give you an insight into its possibilities for your work as a coach, and give you the opportunity to start to enhance your own magnetic leadership, which is a quantum shift, and invite you into the coach alliance that I’m starting for next year, which will be an ongoing community of coaches who are committed to this planetary shift and to working in their niche, in their way, with their people, for the cause that means the most to them as a part of this greater shift that we’re going through in humanity.

So if you’re excited about that and curious about what this model could be and how it could work, let me know.

Post an emoji below and I’ll get you the details for the event.

The tickets are going to be $197.

Super easy. Super affordable.

If you can get to Sydney to come and hang out with me for a day on the 21st, come along.

I’d love to host you and have you and share this model with you to facilitate deepening of your understanding of how we can shift from a linear model into a quantum model, and expand our capacity to understand the deeper mysteries of the world and embody them in this present moment in how we’re living, and to be a more magnetic leader,
to show up in a more powerful, passionate way that attracts the right people to you, so you can serve them and you can be served in return.

And we can create this beautiful infinite loop of flow and prosperity and an upward spiral for human growth.

So, if that excites you and you’re interested in learning more and you are a coach, a healer, an intuitive, if you are an aspiring coach and you would like to learn more about how you can deepen your coaching skills and your mastery, then come along and and share the day with me.

I’m so excited to share this with you. It’s been a big breakthrough for me.

I’ll speak to you guys soon.

Kylie x

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