Why I still adore 1:1 coaching

Why I still adore 1:1 coaching

Most business coaches suggest to get rid of 1:1 coaching asap – That it’s not a good business model because it’s unscalable, and time for money no matter what you charge. This is completely true. And after nearly 20 years of coaching I still love 1:1 and will probably keep a small group of private clients and run 1:1 demonstration hot-seat sessions in my Academy for as long as it continues to be fun.

1:1 coaching is like extreme sports for me. It’s almost immediate flow-state.

It shifts my brain into a state of absolute focus and expanded perception where I am listening for and noticing my clients’ language, predicates, rep systems, metaphors, beliefs, frames, values, meta-programs, archetypes, energy, physiology, gestures, micro-movements, facial expressions… I am completely focussed on exactly what words they are using and also reading what is happening between the words.

I’m tracking and cross-referencing through about 12 different models and internally mapping their unconscious patterns.

I take particular notice of deletions, distortions, generalizations, pendulums of opposites, stuckness, incongruence or inconsistency, with the intention to pinpoint the greatest leverage point to bring the entire mind-body-spirit system into greater harmony, alignment and flow.

To me this is what Transformational Coaching is.

I love the intense presence, aliveness, trust and intellectual rigor that coaching like this demands.

It requires training.
It requires practice.
It requires ongoing supervision and commitment to sharpening perception.
It requires consistently doing your own inner work to be able to hold any emotion and travel safely with your client to any depth.
It doesn’t happen overnight.

When you reach a level of Mastery of these skills it is like you earn an All-Access pass into someone’s Unconscious & Energy grid to re-wire and re-align anything.

When the unconscious is aligned behavioural change is a given.

If you ever get frustrated with your clients “not doing the work” …that might be an invitation to improve your own Transformational Coaching skills, or bring someone into your coaching team who has those skills.

This is what we train in the SuperCoach Academy.

If you’re interested in Transformational coaching or Coach training for yourself or your team, reach out.

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