Why You Can’t Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

Why You Can’t Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

If you’re struggling with your weight loss motivation you’re probably doing this…

You know the drill. You get excited to exercise, and maybe even join a gym or a new program, you go well for a while and get some good results and then your motivation drops. Why does that happen? Here are the 4 mental mountains that prevent you from being motivated!


1. You’re only motivated by NOT being fat

When you think about your body you focus on the fat bits, and wish you could squeeze them out, to get rid of them pronto. You look at slim girls and wish that you were like them and could easily stay slim. You desperately want to change your body and hate it the way it is now.

The thing is, motivation works in two ways. You are either motivated to get away from something painful that you don’t want (being fat), or move towards something pleasurable that you do want (becoming slim). If you are only focusing on losing weight and being less fat, you are only using half the motivation equation. If you’re only motivated by what you’re moving away from then the slimmer you get, the more your motivation will wane ( because you’re not fat anymore). The key to keep motivation up as you get slimmer is to focus on the slim, healthy you that you are moving towards and becoming more every day.


2. You think “all or nothing”

When you get started you do everything perfectly, you keep your food diary, weigh your food, count your calories and train like a demon. Then you have a crisis at work or with your family and don’t go food shopping, get caught out somewhere starving hungry and eat a giant muffin, then say to yourself; “I’ve blown it” and go home and eat a packet of biscuits. You want your program to be perfect and so when you slip up it’s all over, well until till that fat monster catches you and you run like hell again.

The truth is, you don’t need to be perfect for it to work. In fact, it works better if you accept it’s not going to be perfect, and just do the best you can at each and every meal, and training session. Aim for 80-90% of your plan and accept sometimes you slip up, that way you can stay on track and get back to it straight away.


3. You replay your past failures and beat yourself up

Whenever you do something wrong, you tell yourself you’re a failure and remember all the other times you did stuff wrong and replay those memories over and over and over, on a loop until you feel bloody awful.

Remember, your past cannot affect your future unless you let it. You are in charge of your thoughts. Instead of replaying and visualising all the ways things went wrong, play out in your mind and imagine all the ways things could go right and you can succeed.


4. You don’t feel worthy of success or slimness.

Every time you get close to success you sabotage yourself with a binge or a blowout, because deep down inside you’re a bit afraid of what would happen if you actually got this. It would change things in your life, and even though you want it, there’s a part inside that’s too afraid.

Investigate what’s really behind this fear, think about it and analyse it critically. It is not true. You have just been believing that it is, based on your past experiences or decisions. You could simply decide today that you are worthy. You can overcome any obstacles and you will enjoy the new slim life that is ahead of you. Let the past go and create the future as you want it to be. You have within you all the inner strength and courage to overcome these obstacles!


If this sounds familiar then a mindset detox is in order to let go of the stinking thinking that is sabotaging your motivation and success.

The Kickstart Motivation Program is a great place to start to shift these big 4 mindset problems and let them go.

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  1. I really like these 4 points you made here especially the second one.

    You’re right about people messing up one day than saying “screw it! I’ll just start next month all over again.”

    They want to do everything to perfection and that just doesn’t really ever happen.

    You mess up one day? Who cares! Don’t worry about! Just do better tomorrow. Mess up again? Just do better tomorrow again.

    You got all the time in the world. It’s a journey, not a destination I say.

    • I agree Izzy. Fall down 9 times, get up 10. The journey is the key. Thanks for your comment, I see your blog has some great articles too, I look forward to reading them!

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