Coaching, Training, Mentoring

I help coaches overcome imposter syndrome, and deliver the very best results for clients at every level of the game.

I can help you become a better, more skilled, more confident coach.

I am committed to supporting coaches who are just starting out, all the way through to the biggest names in the industry to deliver better results with more integrity.

Below I have a brief overview of the two levels of membership to my Academy and the investment so you can get a sense of it if may be a fit for you. In order to know for sure, let’s jump into a chat or have a call to find out about where you’re at and what you want to do with your coaching business.

Coach Training & Mentorship

Awakening – $1500USD. Just $300 x 6 pp

Who: Beginner Coach at under 5K per month income.
Problem: No confidence. Low income. Sales fears. Starting business as a generalist coach.
Outcome: Find your power. Discover your niche and hone in on your Soul-match clients. Awaken your Mission. Make your first sales, so you can join…

Academy – $1000p/m

Who: Professional Coach 5K+ income looking forĀ  ongoing skill Training and like-minded business mastermind.
Problem: Coaching clients is exhausting and draining. Imposter syndrome. Looking for a group of coaches who are as committed to excellence of delivery as you are.
Outcome: Gain confidence and coaching skills to coach your ideal client to epic results. Grow your business by learning how to sell with integrity and conviction. Be supported by a community of colleagues and mentors who are guided by Soul-purpose, and growing alongside you.

Let’s talk and help you solve that confidence problem so you can continue to grow…

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