Work with me.

There are a few ways you can work with me and get my help as your very own Mind Coach.


On Demand Courses

I have created quite a few, amazing online courses that can help you with weight loss motivation, overcoming emotional eating, changing habits, clearing karmic baggage and upgrading your consciousness, and teaching you how to become a better coach. You can browse my on demand, home-study courses here.

Unleashed Live Event – 9/11 – 11/11

Join me for 3 day of ground-breaking, soul-shaking, healing, feeling transformational goodness. This is a live personal growth intensive that will satisfy complete newbies to advanced personal growth junkies. In this event I share my secrets, hacks, and daily practices for overcoming drama, healing inner conflict, returning to presence and unleashing your ultimate power to live your Soul Purpose on planet Earth.  We workshop, heal and unleash live, together.  Together we rise. More info and tickets coming soon.

Coach Mastermind

If you are a coach and you would like my support and training ongoing to help you to become super confident in your coaching skills and build your own coaching empire helping others then join the Growth Collective.

1:1 Coaching Transformation Intensive

Every 3 months I take on a select few clients for personal coaching transformation packages, each personal transformation package is uniquely tailored to your precise needs, and desires. In our weekly 1:1 work together you get the full power of all of my transformational skills to shift beliefs, heal old emotional wounds, break Karmic Soul patterns and awaken your Soul Potential and energetically activate hidden potentials lying dormant within your DNA. This is a hugely transformational process and is by application only.

Legacy Leaders NLP Coach Certification 2020

Each year a small group of committed coaches & change-makers train and mentor with me in my Legacy Leaders mentorship program. This intensive training and mentorship, includes an extensive training in NLP Practitioner processes and skills, and is taught within a wider context of spiritual evolution, planetary ascension, energy frequency harmonics and natural law, when the systems and models of NLP are taught within this wider frame, it creates a truly transformational experience and a Coach that has mastered both the masculine and feminine energies required for change on all 5 planes of existence; spiritual, energetic, mental, emotional & physical. This training is 3 x 5 day trainings in Sydney over the year, with online training and mentorship calls throughout. Course investment is $15,000. If you would like to find out more you can apply for a prospectus here.