Yes & No. What choices are you making?

Yes & No. What choices are you making?

Your life is a series of yes and no choices. What are you saying yes to? What are you saying no to?

Every time you think a thought, move a body part, eat something, say something, do something you are saying yes to one thing and no to the opposite. You are declaring to the universe what you want, what you commit to, and what you will accept in your life. It is a vote for your life.

Each of those tiny little choices might seem insignificant, a drop in the ocean of time and choice, yet every single choice matters. Every choice you make reverberates through time and has impact now and later.

A choice is a decision, decision comes from the latin de “off” + caedere “to cut.”  A decision literally cuts off other options. What options are you unwittingly or unconsciously cutting off?

For example, a choice to eat a McMuffin for breakfast on the way to work, is a vote for convenience, processed food, taste of excess salt & sugar over natural simple flavours. It is also vote for an insulin spike, hormone disruption, excess calories, and excess fat. It is a vote for long term health impacts like diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity.

It is simultaneously a vote against another healthier option that you might have eaten in its place, you have cut off all the other options when deciding on that drive through. A vote against nourishment, a vote against preparing your food in the morning, a vote against empowerment, a vote against believing you are worthy of nourishing food at every meal, a vote against a slim and healthy, vitally alive and energetic body.

Now of course one Mc Muffin will not bring down an empire, nor will it bring down your health in one bite. It’s never as simple as black and white, all right or all wrong.  And it might help to think of how you’re voting every day with your choices. Water or coke? herbal tea or coffee with cream & sugar? Vegetables on the side or fries? Late night TV or early bedtime?


The big picture.

The big picture will help you gain perspective on these choices. If every day you make 9 healthy choice votes and 1 unhealthy choice vote, you’re doing well, but once the balance comes down to 50:50 or worse then the flow-on, long term impacts and effects begin to multiply.

Consider always…

  • What are the long-term impacts of my choice now?
  • How will I feel in an hour after doing this?
  • Will this lead me towards or away from my goals and dreams?

Beware “F#ck it” choices.

I’ve said before that every choice you make after “F#ck it” is usually a bad idea, it’s a choice for short term pleasure with a hefty long term cost. excess spending, unhealthy eating, rash, impulse decisions you later regret, begin with f#ck it!

Taking this long term view of your daily choices will naturally lead to you making consistently better choices, and after a very short time, those choices, those little healthy votes become inherently pleasurable in themselves.

Every time you invest time, energy and focus in better thinking, your life will improve dramatically. Your thoughts are the greatest predictor of your future. They are the creators of your future.

Want More?

If you’d like to learn how to strategically transform your thoughts so you can live a breathtaking body and life, consider my Goddess Body Quest program. It is absolutely changing lives. I would be honoured to help you too.

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  1. Just one of many pearls of eloquently put wisdom from Kylie Ryan. If you're human and seek happiness, I suggest you read on.

  2. Love the 'f#ck it' choice distinction Kylie. So on the money!

  3. Thanks Carl! yep I learnt that one from my clients over the years. 😉

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