You are worthy!

You are worthy!

So many women struggle with the belief that they are not worthy, not good enough, don’t deserve what they want. I have struggled with it myself, and it’s a killer.

If you have this limiting belief you can successfully sabotage pretty much all the good stuff in your life and make yourself feel guilty and shameful while you’re doing it. Awesome. 🙁

So this is an open letter to you…

Dear intelligent, fabulous, beautiful woman,

I want you to know you ARE WORTHY of achieving your dreams! You are worthy of your ideal body, your incredible dream job or business, your loving relationship with your ideal partner, your beautiful house. You can have all of this and you absolutely deserve it. Regardless of what you have or have not done, you are worthy of LOVE. You are worthy of being loved, and loving yourself.

There was a time when your worth and absolute preciousness was never in question. Can you remember? There was a time when you were a tiny baby, a miracle of life. Your tiny smiles, coos and gurlges enraptured all who saw you! Yet you couldn’t do anything, you couldn’t look after yourself, feed yourself, lift your head or move without help, but everyone who saw you knew just how special, wonderful and precious you were. You still are! You are a magnificent being, absolutely unique and totally precious.

There is no-one in the world quite like you. No-one with your unique experiences and way of looking at the world. No-one with your ideas. No-one with your creativity. If you don’t take action to manifest your ideas they will never exist.


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Maybe there was a time when you thought that your worth depended on your actions, on what you produced, how hard you worked or what you could do for people. Maybe you created something and it was rejected, or the person who you cared for was too busy to acknowledge you. This does not mean that your creation was not worthy, nor that you are unworthy or not deserving of attention and love. It is simply an event from your past, it can mean as much or as little as you decide it means. YOU can acknowledge yourself, acknowledge your creation, acknowledge your ideas and your dreams. They deserve to be honoured.

You are worthy of love, you were worthy of love from the moment you were conceived, and even before and long after that. Your worth is unconditional. Nature is designed for abundance. Constant growth and evolution. You are the sum of millions of years of evolution. You are a SUCCESS already.  You are a magnificent creation. Acknowledge yourself.

You deserve to go after your dreams and your desires, give them the chance to come into reality… Work for them, do not give up. Create your life the way you dream it. You can do it. Use your intelligence and your creativity, find the resources and assistance that already exists within your world. If you dream it, you CAN ACHIEVE IT!

Believe in yourself, give yourself the chance to shine and achieve what you desire, work for it. It may take time for you to create it, but there are no impossible dreams, only unrealistic timeframes. Keep at it. You will get there.

When you are frustrated, angry or upset, when someone lets you down, or you are struggling, do not despair, remind yourself of your magnificence. You are related to the STARS!

Go after your desires, you are WORTHY of the wonderful life that you dream of.

I believe in you.

With all my love,

Kylie x



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  1. If you are reading this, you are so worthy of all the things life has to offer!

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