You reap what you sow.

You reap what you sow.

As you come up into Christmas, reflecting on the year and preparing for the next, are you happy with where you’re at?

Are you grateful and joyful, ready for a nice rest and some dedicated family time over the holiday?

I have been thinking deeply about that old saying “You reap what you sow.” Of course it refers to the metaphor of farming; planting or sowing seeds to reap the harvest the next season.

As I reflected on this year I really realised this. I’m really happy with my year because I consciously created it, I sowed the seeds of focus, hard work, exercise, eating well, regular rest, family time, all year long and now I am reaping the benefits. I am so grateful for the joy and benefits I am experiencing now. And I had an epiphany because I almost didn’t mention that bit in this post, sometimes I feel like I’m lucky to live this life, but I realise now that I am not lucky. I created this “luck” I sowed it. While I was telling myself that I’m lucky or blessed, I was discounting my own actions that created my experiences.

So often when we experience goodness in our lives, we don’t fully acknowledge it, honour it and accept it in with gratitude. Charging on to the next task or goal without fully celebrating the achievement of the last.

Or when we experience challenges, we blame, judge and excuse. Creating drama and gossiping, fuelling negative energy and draining our own.

When we do either of these things we fail to find the gold in EVERY situation. We fail to fully experience the joy of our wins, and we fail to learn, grow from and overcome our challenges.

You create every experience.

Each and every experience you reap in your life is something you have created through your actions in the past. The seeds of actions, thoughts and being-ness that you planted last year, least month, last week (even in previous lifetimes!)  are what will come back to you in your life. If you sow focussed action, gratitude, compassion for self- and others, honouring your body and health, you will reap health, happiness, joy, gratitude.

If you sow gossip, drama, overeating, disorganisation, quick-fixes, avoidance and “poor-me thinking”, you will create Depression, anxiety, stress and disease.


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Reflect & Learn…

  • I’d like to invite you to reflect on the reaping and sowing of this year…
  • What have been the best moments in your year? The joys, the highlights, the wins?
  • What have been the challenges? the setbacks, disappointments and annoyances?
  • List them all out, the good & bad.
  • Take some time to think deeply on these experiences that you have “reaped” in your life.
  • Go through each one and ask yourself, how have I contributed to this event? What did I sow through my actions, thoughts, words, or emotional state earlier that has lead to me experiencing this?

When you realise that every event in your life, is not just some random assortment of events, or things happening TO you, but instead a flow of energy FROM you out into the world and back again, you honour and recognise your power to CREATE your life.

You have the power all the time. The power to create a mind-glowingly awesome experience of life, or a ho-hum, drama-filled experience of victimhood.

Honour your wins, acknowledge the work that it took to get there, give yourself a pat on the back, smile and do a happy dance.

And reflect on your tough times, bravely face the knowledge that you were a part of creating the challenges that you experienced, and decide what behaviour you would like to continue to sow into the world and which ones are best left as lessons in the past.

As you reflect, remember self-compassion nobody is a saint or perfect, everybody has their fair share of virtues and vices, challenges and support. It’s all masterfully designed to encourage your growth through contrasting experiences.

Here’s to you, all of your days of 2013, the tough ones and the awesome ones, and to an amazing and growth-filled 2014…


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  1. You’re a beautiful writer Kylie and I love what you say in this post – Thank You!
    I hope you, Mr Ryan and Ruby have an awesome Christmas and that 2014 is….growth filled (to pinch your excellent phrase!). X

    • Thank you gorgeous lady! I’m so glad it resonates with you. We will have a lovely Christmas! I hope you do too! xx

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