Your business systems are an extension of your nervous system

Your business systems are an extension of your nervous system

Your business is your vehicle to move through the world, to express, to communicate, to give and receive.

It’s how you transmit information and interact with the world.

We need to have systems to be able to communicate our ideas, intentions and messages and also have ways to receive and gather information and make sense of it.

If you think about this as a metaphor, if your nervous system has been contracted… for example you’re in an unstable position, or you’ve had a fight with someone you love, your nervous system contracts… you want to go internal and detach from the world…

In this state it is natural that you would want to hold onto things… that you may feel fear and fall into scarcity.

On the other hand, when your nervous system is well rested and you’re feeling great, it is actually much easier to grow your business, expand and rise to challenges.

What I love about mindset and mastering your mindset is that you can learn strategies to literally change your state, to slow down your parasympathetic nervous system… so you can relax and soften, to let go of stress, even in face of challenge.

The positive impact this will have on your business is immense and immeasurable.

When you’re in contraction, it is so easy to fall into comparison, to buy things you don’t need that won’t help you actually achieve what you want in your business, and to fall into self-judgment and procrastination.

When your nervous system is in an expansive state, you will discover a flow in your business…

You’ll notice the right opportunities and have the energy to go after them, you’ll be open to expanding in the exact ways you need to to grow your business, and often it will happen effortlessly.

You’ll find you’ll have enough money and time to invest in the things you want to, because your whole system is in a state of abundance, ease and flow.

This is the state where businesses flourish.

It all starts in the mind and moves into the body and then out into your business.

You have so much power to achieve everything you want.

You just need to take care of your systems.

How does your nervous system feel today?

Kylie x

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