Your demons don’t scare me

Your demons don’t scare me

Halloween is coming… and the demons are coming out to play!

This weekend while my husband and a dear friend were jackhammering and ripping up a concrete slab to remodel our backyard, I was sipping tea with an amazing client and breaking up old beliefs and stories that felt to him like concrete too.

We systematically dismantled a demon that had been eating him up from the inside.

People run from their demons.
They want to get rid of them.
They are scared and hide.
They keep them a secret.

And it just makes it worse…

Your demons don't scare me


You know what we find whenever we dance with demons?

That their highest purpose is always love, peace and freedom. “Demons” are just an aspect of your consciousness, split off and personified. It’s often internalized by childhood programming and/or trauma, and when you get to the very heart of the inner demon… it’s an aspect of you.

Demons hold incredible power.

It’s the drive to be on top.
To win… to be the one that holds the power.

Because underneath that there is the pain that if you don’t hold the power, bad things might happen.

Things you can’t control.

And so it does whatever it can to stay in power.
Even suppressing and eating up another part of you.
But, when we stand to face it, when we talk to it and find it’s highest purpose…

You know what??!!!

It wants the best for you.

Love. Freedom. Peace. Joy. Whatever your jam is…

It just got a little lost along the way of how to do that…

When that “demonic” part of you realizes that, it starts to melt.
It doesn’t seem so scary anymore.
It remembers that it’s a part of the larger team.

The team of YOU. Your wholeness.
And then all that POWER can be integrated back into the SELF.
All of that energy that was wasted in internal conflict and suppression is freed up for CREATION…


So if you’ve got some inner demons that are hidden away in the cages of your mind…

If you’ve got some stories and problems that feel as unbreakable as a concrete slab…

Let’s talk.

I’ve got a big-ass jackhammer and a powerful healing light. Destroying & De-storying the places you have caged and demonized your power is one of my specialties.

It won’t make you crazy. It will make you more sane than you’ve ever been.

I’m not afraid of your demons.

You won’t be either after we work together…

Love and gratitude,


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