Your gym is your chrysalis!

Your gym is your chrysalis!

I had the most wonderful reframing happen the other day and I’d like to share it with you. A client had a great learning…. that the gym is a place of “transformation” not just hard work or sweat, but real physical transformation.

And just as a little caterpillar goes inside… and nothing seems to be happening on the surface…. but there is!!  

There’s consistent, incredible activity happening on the inside and soon….when the transformation is complete, a whole new being emerges; lighter, more beautiful and able to fly!

Do you like that?


Adding and reframing meanings for things or activities in your life can make these things much easier (or harder to do).

When you think of the gym as your chrysalis for the transformation you are making, notice how much easier it is to want to go.

Every time you go, the transformation is occurring, whether you can see it on the surface or not…


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Add new meaning to your life…

What else in your life could you add a new meaning to that would transform it for you and make it easier or harder for you to do?

Here’s some examples…

– Candy is just dead sugar wanting to drag me down and kill me!

This one is a bit strange but I sometimes imagine the candy and chips in service stations like freaky coloured, scary sugar clowns. Just waiting to clog up my insides and slowly kill me! Yuck!

That makes it really easy to say no, when the service station assistant asks you “do you want any candy with your petrol today?”

– Fruit and vegetables are little pockets of sunlight and energy

And, every time I eat fruit of vegetables I imagine that I can feel the energy of the sun that is inside them bursting into little stars of energy inside me. Cool huh!

Now you work out what you can reframe in your life that will make your slimming journey easier, more fun and imaginative!

Inspire others!

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