Your niche will find you

Your niche will find you


When you’re being you.

When you’re sharing from your heart.

When you are showing up for your mission.

Showing up radiantly as you are, that’s when they’ll be magnetically drawn to you.

When you start sharing your gifts, and allowing yourself to be seen,

They’ll be knocking down your door.

Your niche will find you
When you’re speaking your truth fire
When you’re lighting up your world with passion
When you’re focusing on developing your mastery
Doors will open that are aligned
You’ll find Life conspiring to go your way and

Your niche will find you.

You don’t need to stay up, laying awake at night
Trying to work it all out, before you start.
If you show up
And share your heart, they will hear and respond.

It’s your frequency, the vibe you’re emanating, the mission you’re on.
Share your values, share your vision,
Share what you’re invested in 
And your niche will find you.

You don’t need to wait to find out who you’re here to serve.
When you start serving, those who need you will reveal themselves to you.
Yes, it is part energy and part strategy.
But when you get to work, and get into action,
People sense your medicine and your gifts

Once you get into action, you won’t have to look for them.

Your niche will find you. 

Serve, and they’ll come.

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