Your Unconscious Mind

Your Unconscious Mind

You have a conscious mind and an unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind stores all the memories, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideas, values that you’re not conscious of, right now. It has a record of everything you’ve ever thought, dreamed or experienced in some way. Even all the stuff you’ve forgotten is there. Your Unconscious mind is an amazing thing and can be likened to a small child in some ways. It is incredibly powerful and able to manifest things for you. How you tell it what to manifest is through your conscious thoughts. This is why it is very important to think positive thoughts, amplified by positive emotion. For example: if I am unhappy with my current job and want a new one, instead of thinking about how unhappy I am and whingeing in my head, I could think about the new possibilities that are around the corner and thank the current job for all I have learnt.


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When you go about whingeing in your head, you are giving your unconscious mind a command to make your job as bad as possible, and it will happily manifest that for you. You can just as easily manifest good things as bad things. Your thoughts WILL become things. Where you are now in life is a direct result of what you have thought in the past, and where you will be will be a result of your thoughts now.

Your Unconscious mind is your friend and wants to do what’s best for you. You only have to give it clear, positively stated commands and it will get to work for you in magical ways.

Listen to your inner voice, your gut feeling, or your wisdon, this is your Unconscious Mind talking to you. When you begin to trust your own Unconscious Mind wonderful things begin to happen.

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